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Health advisory links

Dept of Health leaflets:

 Mobile Phones and Health, 2000

 Mobile Phones Base Stations and Health, 2000

British Medical Association

The case for EMF precautionary policies (Microwave News, Dec 2004)

Latest ICNIRP examination of EMF epidemiology (ie analytical observation of exposed people)

The inadequacy of the ICNIRP Guidelines governing human exposure to the microwave emissions of GSM/TETRA Base-stations.

Notes on the International Conference Mobile Communications and Health: Medical, Biological and Social Problems, Sept 20 22, 2004, Moscow. WHO suppresses Russian scientific concerns in a bid to harmonize on ICNIRP as a global standard.

Mis-reporting the Russian Cell Phone Conference: Lies, Damn Lies and the WHO

Cell phone radiation, and the health of children and of teenagers (a situation requiring urgent action). (Russian, Radiats Biol Radioecol. 2005)

Mobile Phones and Health. The Stewart Report (2000)

Proposals for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (0 to 300 GHz). Summary of comments received on the May 2003 consultation document and responses from NRPB. (NRPB, June 2004) Shows signs of lobbying that ICNIRP is too restrictive. Read this for a clear view on the nature of the ‘primacy of science’ in NRPB’s attitude to people. Note: argument against precautionary action is that people get scared and house prices are affected. So let’s just pretend instead...

NRPB update (2005) to the ‘Stewart Report’: Mobile Phones and Health 2004. Nothing really new: just a reminder. Completely misses the point on ICNIRP guidelines.

Powerwatch responds to the NRPB Stewart Report: Mobile Phones and Health 2004

ICNIRP sets international guidelines on exposure; see this critique: ICNIRP ... built on a house of cards.

Dr Neil Cherry: ICNIRP is inappropriate

Toronto Board of Health, includes exposure guidelines (PDF)

Brazil calls on WHO for greater precaution

Why use thermal guidelines for microwave exposure? Some history

WHO Declaration Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health. Budapest, Hungary, 2325 June 2004. Read, for example para 17 on page 6. But is 17c a cost-benefit balance for mankind?

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