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Other health resources

 The WHO International EMF Project database. See if you can find anything like proof that mobile phone radiation is unlikely to cause human health effects

 Try the WHO International EMF Project citation database as well. Not overwhelmed by the amount of research on mobile phone range, epidemiological studies into hypersensitivity?

 And this REFLEX critique from the Institute of Science in Society. Will no in vitro research ever indicate risk to health, because it would upset the industry?

World Health Organisation (WHO) on Electromagnetic Radiation

WHO International EMF Project, progress report 2002-03

The Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists: a useful research forum

Environment, reliability and epidemiology, Örjan Hallberg, independent research.

A bibliography from Olle Johansson. Why are these papers ignored?

Ouruhia Website, New Zealand. A useful EMF resource and important overview of scientific findings from outside the UK.

The EMF Info Exchange and Forum

FEMU, Aachen, has a database of over 7,000 articles for you to browse!

Therion Research: Advanced Biomagnetics Database

Follow Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine Journal, read abstracts free

Coghill Research Laboratories very well worth exploring in depth. Solid issues here.

Halsey Meyer Higgins solicitors: mobile phones, mobile networks, safety

Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research

Powerwatch commentary on above MTHR programme

Dutch monitoring network for health and environment

Microwave News: Worth reading

EMF Health Report: Bi-monthly information on EMF and health research

Search Environmental Health Perspectives

Institute of Science in Society read about mobile phone research and the health risks

  More links! Are we short of indicators that there is a problem with escalating manmade electromagnetic fields at body frequencies?!

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