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Frequency and resonance effects links

At frequencies near the body’s natural resonant frequency, RF energy is absorbed more efficiently, and maximum heating occurs. In adults, this frequency usually is about 35 MHz if the person is grounded, and about 70 MHz if the person’s body is insulated from the ground. [Note: TETRA base stations have a signature at 70.64 Hz.] Also, body parts may be resonant; the adult head, for example is resonant around 400 MHz [note: TETRA operates at 380 to 390 MHz], while a baby’s smaller head resonates near 700 MHz. Body size thus determines the frequency at which most RF energy is absorbed. As the frequency is increased above resonance, less RF heating generally occurs. However, additional longitudinal resonances occur at about 1 GHz [note: GSM operates at 900 MHz and 1200 MHz] near the body surface. [source, but attested widely.]

We are also tuned to the extremely low frequencies of the planet, around 8 to 12 Hz (Schumann resonance), and brain frequencies (which resonante throughout the body not just the brain) track these. The whole point is that the body is not shiny and reflective to microwaves like it is to light. Below light frequencies we are absorbent. But it isn’t just a case of taking up raw energy and getting hot, it is about ‘ringing’ in resonance to signals at frequencies that matter to the way our bodies function. And for those who say there is no way frequencies can mean anything, much of the human body is not just conductive but semi-conductive.

Brain interactions with RF/microwave fields generated by mobile phones, W Ross Adey, International Encyclopedia of Neuroscience.

Cellular phone electromagnetic field effects on bioelectric activity of human brain. Moscow, 2000

Biological Effects on Humans of Electromagnetic Fields in the Frequency Range 0 to 3 GHz. Results of A Study of Russian Medical Literature From 1960 to 1996 (Abstract)

Biological Effects of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields1, Magda Havas, 2004

The role of calcium in cells and the influence of electromagnetic radiation

Pulsed microwaves can make you ‘hear things’

So can microwave radar – and it’s nothing to do with ears! If mind control is a step too far, just remember that this is a factual military step, so concentrate on whether the effect can be achieved and how.

Some reasons for auditory perceptions, 1994. But what is this? A thermal explanation for microwave hearing at thousands of times below ICNIRP levels!

Alan Frey’s original work on microwave hearing. Note the area of the head most sensitive to EMF: for those of you who feel masts, does this ring a bell with you?

Elder and Chou, 2002 (for Motorola): microwave signals make your head ring

The Dark Side of Cellphone Technology

Find out about sleep patterns. If you suspect sleeping problems, read this.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields affect sleep (University of Zurich)

Cell Phones and the Brain, MacArthur. Covers free radicals, stress proteins and enzyme reactions to ELF RF EMF.

Why coherent frequencies matter: Orinithine Decarboxylase is affected. And References

Studies of the Mechanism of EMF Induced Bioeffects (and why it is possible at such low levels of EMF). Role of ornithine decarboxylase. T A Litovitz

Nitric oxide inhibits ornithine decarboxylase via S-nitrosylation of cysteine 360 in the active site of the enzyme (ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), an important marker for cell proliferation and tumor promotion see links under cellular)

Learn about measurements of electrical activity in the skin layers, and about resonant cavities

Mobile phones and human exposure. Anne Silk. An optometrist view, and useful on concerns about bio-resonance.

Further notes on bio-resonance from radio frequencies

Jacobson Resonance. Used for healing. Despite the widespread use of pulsed EMF (also referred to as PEMF or diapulse: try these with ‘healing’ in Google) the bioeffects of electromagnetic resonance at very low levels is denied by the mobile/wireless industry.

Heart rates are supposed to vary; entraining them to a fixed frequency is bad. Does the TETRA rhythm at heart rate pose such a risk? No-one has asked yet.

Institute of Science in Society those same low frequencies in our electricty are responsible for leukaemias, and the reasons are emerging

Phones as transmitters, brains as receivers. Frequency matters.

Mobile phones can cut a man’s fertility by a third (Times Online, free registration)

Is there a relationship between cell phone use and semen quality?

Phone users kept in dark over radiation: how can you know if your phone is low or high emission, if it isn’t labeled or listed? (Ever looked for the SAR rating of your DECT?)

EMF exposure causes mercury to leak from dental amalgam fillings

Project Pandora: Low-level Electromagnetic Radiation as a Weapon of War

Weird website? But a historical and disturbing story about TETRA frequencies and the human body, as long ago as the 1930s

If mind control sounds far-fetched and like talking of aliens, just stop a moment and read this. It is from 2001.

Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain

A useful introduction with further links, into how microwave ovens work. Includes the myth of the resonant frequency of water.

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