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Planning Sanity. For information, advice and guidance

Mast Sanity: Planning Section. For information, advice and guidance
Helpline: 08704 322377 (1pm to 8pm Mon to Fri)

  Mast Victims website

  Know your terms. They are a bit woolly.

  A plea for planning control and protection by precaution

  Powerwatch: the danger and scandal of masts below 10m

Law and official guidelines

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on planning (PPG8: Planning Policy Guidelines on Telecommunications).

Class A Permitted Development of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (England) Order 2001

The Electronic Communications Code Regulations, 2003

Telecommunications (Permitted Development Rights) (Amendment) Bill, April 2004

See also the Mobile phone network development: code of best practice

The Planning Inspectorate website

Making your planning appeal

Potential litigation or law suits

Churches of all places, prefer love of money to love of many (see also letter of caution)

Christian Ecology Link on precaution and masts in towers and spires

Church of England signs deal with arms technology giant Quintel (see Qinetiq); it’s good for the community to host the microwaves all in one place. (Oh, and what about the content running through the holy spires?)

How much do you know about the Aarhus Convention on Environmental democracy? Ratified by the EC in February 2005, this convention is about access to environmental information, public participation in decision-making, and access to justice in environmental matters. Are you getting good information? Are you truly participating in the decisions? Do you have justice? Whether you object on visual environmental impact, or effects on birds, or because it makes you unwell, this Convention is one to understand and exercise. Read it, discuss it, and raise your objections using it. Europa website on the Aarhus Convention.

Schools and colleges

Vancouver School Board makes a decision to ban masts adjacent to schools

Putting Cell Phone Antennas Near Schools Is Too Risky

Concerned about proximity to schools? If so read also the letter from David Milliband, Schools Minister

Schools and colleges whose buildings or grounds fall within the main beam of a base station should receive this letter

Mobile masts and planning, for school governors

Just one of many examples of masts being sited near schools without notification, consultation or consent

A survey of two schools, one with a mobile mast, one without

Schools and Cellular Antannas

 Schools: a landmark case for the Deputy PM?

  A note on the rateable value of base stations, for landlords to note. Masts are not necessarily a good source of revenue.

Compare this ‘Resolution passed by of the Los Angeles Unified School District B, June 2000’

Schools and masts: not just a British concern

US antenna on school site: with review of health evidence by an MD

Vancouver campaign for protection of schools

The planning debate

 Proposed New Telecommunications Bill : 2006

Phone masts spread blight

 The Deputy Prime Minister’s Dilemma on planning

All Party Parliamentary Mobile Group public inquiry on siting of masts

 All party parliamentary group report, 20 July 2004

 Is this all the Government can say in response?

 Campaign to Protect Rural England. At the very least, masts are ruining our landscapes.

 The Yasmin Skelt case: ‘Genuine public fear and concern is a material planning consideration to be taken into account by the Decision Maker.’

Councils rapped by watchdog over mast siting error (compensation due to residents)

MP bids to tighten mobile mast controls: David Amess MP (Con)

Government urged to beef up phone mast regulations

Richard Spring MP: second reading of Transmission Masts (Private Member’s) Bill. House of Commons debate won 10 votes to 2, defeated by MP disinterest. Please read.

TETRA, illegal
Exceeds planning in terms of height, erected without any consultation. Now move your mouse over the picture to make it legal! Same pole, same structure, same dipole loops attached. Suddenly we don’t have an additional structure and height, we have a long antenna (as long as you like) instead!! So that’s alright now, we’re sorted. Eh?

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