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Mobile masts affect different people in different ways. Unfortuntely it isn’t predictable in any way. From all the contacts we have made, there is no way of knowing how your well-being may be affected.

This site isn’t here to scare anyone. We know more people who appear unaffected than those who report electro-sensitivity (ie suffer symptoms in the very short term, from simply being near TETRA masts).

Nor can we, or anyone for that matter, state what a safe distance from any mast is. There are no relevant guidelines. We know people who are only affected quite close up, and others who can feel a TETRA mast in their heads from half a mile away. We even know people who suffer badly a mile distant.

That’s what we can report, and scientists and medical doctors can regard these reports as truthful, psychosomatic or pure anxiety if they like. But enough of us can be certain that what we feel and what happens, is in no way psychosomatic. That’s why we are asking for full and proper research into the experiences of electro-sensitivity around TETRA masts, as well as the research into longer-term risks.

You are you, and only you can find the best way to protect yourself. We cannot endorse any particular product, only the principles.

Detection is important too, so see what Powerwatch suggest may be suitable to buy or hire. But be prepared to feel surprised by what these devices reveal. The AcoustiCOM is a sensitive device that reveals pulsed electromagnetic radiation as an audible sound. You can learn to tell the difference between TETRA, GSM, UMTS (3G), and DECT phones, for example. The COM meter will show field levels from 0.5 V/m to up to 6 V/m.

Now available: Electrosmog Detector (the new Acousticom). Visit this site for sample sounds of various sources, for shielding and detectors.

Alphalab (US) also has a Trifield meter that measures magnetic, electric and microwave fields. Aaronia offer a very effective series of instruments for the full range of EMF frequencies.

Protection falls into three categories:

  1. electrical barriers (clothing, curtaining, foils, nets and paints)

  2. ‘personal protection’ in the form of items described as balancing or protecting the body’s own electrical fields or balance.

  3. food supplements.

What you choose to try is your decision. We hope you find something that will work for you, but none of these things can guarantee 100 per cent protection from damage to your health.

1. Shielding

Read about electromagnetic fields in and around the home
NEW: The Powerwatch Handbook: Simple ways to make you and your family safer.

Electric Forester Investigations Ltd: Independent Electromagnetic Surveys & Investigations

Screening materials from EMFields

A useful reference document from Powerwatch (PDF)

Electrosmog. Offer affordable shielding products and services to protect you, especially at night.

Every garment has a silver lining!

A US site on screening different frequencies: TETRA is both microwave (300 to 450MHz) and pulsed at extremely low frequencies

Screening materials from Equilibra (worth exploring the rest of this site on other protection and explanations)

The UK ‘Healthy House’ website

ECOS RF radiation shielding paint

Enviratest meters and shielding

2. Personal field protection

Personal harmonisers (also available worldwide from other sites)

Scientific explanation of one bio-chip device

Ecoflow produces the Bioguard and Biophone to protect against mobile phone radiation

Teslar watches from the US (pricey)

Similar devices and advice from New Zealand

An example of crystal based personal protection

Space and personal protection, from Safe Space

All sounds crazy? This is an area where we know too little. Some of this will turn out to be grounded in science, some in faith. And being an open website, read also this view on personal protection devices.

Report on a Double Blind Crossover Field Trial of the effectiveness of the TECNO AO antenna device. Research indicating that one of the principles of such devices does have an effect, also indicating that there really is a problem with ELF-EM fields that is rectified.

Protective Effect on Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes. Roger Coghill on another of the devices (the personal harmoniser). Good discussion as well.

3. Supplements etc.

Some people recommend supplementary natural melatonin, especially in the case of sleep disruption, available from health supplement suppliers.

Asphalia: an organic preparation to protect your body from EMF from the inside

Vitamin B12 features in a number of recommendations, which is interesting because it is a nitric oxide (NO) scavenger. Similarly, the mineral zeolite (also used in catalytic converters and cat litter!) is being reported as being very effective for electro-sensitivity, and again it is a mineral that absorbs NO. [More on nitric oxide issues.]

Example links on B12:

 Reactions of nitric oxide with vitamin B12 and its precursor, cobinamide

 B12 - rationale for using vitamin B12

The most important thing though is to eat healthily and exercise, so the right things go in and elimination (including sweating and breathing) is stimulated. Antioxidant foods are always a good idea, as are foods and drinks with polyphenols, and essential minerals such as zinc and selenium.

4. Basic advice

Some protection may be better than none, and some of the above solutions are very expensive. Consider these first steps:

  • stay healthy. You can easily and quickly get run down from disrupted sleep and persistent headaches. Stay fit, eat healthily and give your immune system its best chance. If you find some natural therapies work for you, use them to help you sleep, or concentrate. This may be better for you than sleeping pills from your doctor, which can be effective only for a short period, or cannot be used after a while to avoid dependence. Also, think ‘free radicals’ and consider supplements such as Selenium and antioxidants generally, or even vitamin B12; but as always ‘consult your doctor first’. And since microwaves are on the agenda, remember that these ovens are a leaky source and destroy nutrition in food whilst creating free radicals in the food as well. Why Russia banned microwave ovens in 1976. Do you own trawl through Google about them, and make a decision on how you cook and reheat food.
  • shield where you spend most of your time
  • if you are close to a mast, shield your head in the direction of the mast (eg where you sleep)
  • don’t assume the beam is going over your head, if you are close
  • if you do try shielding, remember that the whole area should conduct (so fold joints in foil)
  • shielding should be earthed: connect a wire with a bulldog clip to the shielding, to a radiator pipe scraped down to bright copper
    Warning: DO NOT just ‘plug it into the mains’. If you make a mistake it could be fatal. If in any doubt, consult a qualified electrician.
  • try putting up a trial area of aluminium foil, perhaps two layers: aluminium foil may not be enough
  • try steel (eg the big trays from the bottom of your oven) again earthed (you may need to expose some metal beneath the enamel coating)
  • your mattress springs may act as an aerial and retransmit around you: again, a small slit in the mattress cover and you can earth the springs

We know that living inside a Faraday cage* would guarantee protection, but that is a difficult and expensive task and will transform your home!

*Any hollow conductor (eg a metal box) will transfer any electrical charge it accumulates, to the outside. There will be no electrical field inside.

TETRA, Reynolds Building, Bognor
TETRA on Reynolds Building, Bognor Regis. O2 Airwave refused to co-operate in its removal, lied about switching it off and continued to use the site as the distrct switch.

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