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Cell damage/influence (including cancer) links

Cancer has become a political issue, and polarisation exists between cancer cure and cancer prevention. There is no money in the latter, and no appetite by any party who may be responsible for causes, for clear science. Epidemic proportions of cancer have nothing to do with us living longer, and everything to do with the way we live. EMFs are part of the problem. Cancer statistics and science are manipulated.

Cell death induced by GSM 900-MHz and DCS 1800-MHz mobile telephony radiation, Journal of Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis 2006

Melatonin modulates 900 Mhz microwave-induced lipid peroxidation changes in rat brain. 2006; (EMF-induced free radical damage unchallenged by EMF-supressed natural melatonin)

Gene expression changes in human cells after exposure to mobile phone microwaves. [Might this not affect enzymes?]

Mobile phone radiation causes changes in gene and protein expression in human endothelial cell lines and the response seems to be genome- and proteome-dependent. [Might this be a clue as to why nitric oxide synthase appears to be stimulated?]

The latest study on the risk of brain cancer from wireless phone use. Making sense of Interphone and Swedish studies, with clear charts

Comments on Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF), Dr J Goffman, (Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley). ELF-EMF as possible carcinogens, 1998

Genetic damage in mobile phone users: some preliminary findings, Anita Gandhi Gursatej, India

Cytogenetic Damage in Mobile Phone Users: Preliminary Data, G Gandhi, P Singh, 2005

An emotive issue: massive increase (21 per cent in 10 years) in brain tumours in children. Watch this Australian video on the biggest cancer killer in children. Mobile phones just a coincidence?

The elephant in the room that no-one dare talk about? The WHO and HPA (UK) will tell you that cancer can only be caused by energetic damage to DNA. Not so. Free radicals are far more important, and electromagnetic (non-ionising) radiation creates plenty.

NO generates cellular DNA damage only inefficiently and can even protect from DNA damage by H2O2, but it selectively inhibits the repair of oxidative DNA base modifications. [See our nitric oxide links]

Magnetic-Field-Induced DNA Strand Breaks in Brain Cells of the Rat H Lai, NP Singh (Environmental Health Perspectives vol.112, no.6, May 2004.

Pooled analysis of two case-control studies on the use of cellular and cordless telephones and the risk of benign brain tumours diagnosed during 1997-2003. (First article, Int J Oncol.) L. Hardell, M. Carlberg and K. Hansson Mild (Örebro; Umeå, Sweden) ‘In the multivariate analysis, a significantly increased risk of acoustic neuroma was found with the use of analogue phones.’

Pooled analysis of two case-control studies on the use of cellular and cordless telephones and the risk of benign brain tumours diagnosed during 1997-2003. (Second article, Int Arch Occup Environ Health) L. Hardell, M. Carlberg and K. Hansson Mild (Örebro; Umeå, Sweden) ‘Increased risk was obtained for both cellular and cordless phones, highest in the group with >10 years latency period.’

Mobile phone use and risk of glioma in adults: case-control study. Hepworth et al., 2006. Another media-blown story, with results explained by people not being able to remember what side of the head they use a phone. Read the BMJ responses, and the commentary from the Brain Tumor Registry.

RMIT University, Australia: the case of cancers in Building 108 a cover-up of the real statistics?

Effects of acute exposure to the radiofrequency fields of cellular phones on plasma lipid peroxide and antioxidase activities in human erythrocytes

Exposure of rat brain to 915 MHz GSM microwaves induces changes in gene expression. The induced genes encode proteins with diverse functions including neurotransmitter regulation, blood-brain barrier (BBB), and melatonin production.

Acute exposure to 930 MHz CW electromagnetic radiation in vitro affects reactive oxygen species level in rat lymphocytes treated by iron ions

Oxidative stress-mediated skin damage in an experimental mobile phone model can be prevented by melatonin. Significantly: ‘SOD activity was decreased significantly in the IR group and this decrease was not prevented by the Mel treatment.’ (See our nitric oxide links for what this means.)

Oxidative damage in the kidney induced by 900-MHz-emitted mobile phone: protection by melatonin

Influence of (460 MHz) electromagnetic fields on the induced lipid peroxidation in the structures of visual analyzer and hypothalamus in experimental animals. ‘Microwaves of low intensity activated systems of induced lipid peroxidation. ... The conclusion is that, depending on their intensity, microwaves can be either beneficial to health or be a factor of oxidative stress.’

Why sleep matters: Stanford Research Builds Link Between Sleep, Cancer Progression

How Sleep Affects Cancer: Poor Sleep Alters Hormones That Influence Cancer Cells

Control of chemical reactions with magnetic fields. Free radicals survive longer, promoting ageing and cancer.

EMR reduces melatonin in animals and people

Oxidative Damage in the Kidney Induced by 900-MHz-Emitted Mobile Phone: Protection by Melatonin. ie, EMFs damage the one protection against the cellular damage they cause!

‘When enough is never enough’; seven research labs show that low EM fields reduce the cancer-healing properties of Tamoxifen and melatonin.

Do magnetic fields cause increased risk of childhood leukaemia via melatonin disruption? Russel Reiter, Denis Henshaw.

Bright Lights, Big Cancer. Melatonin-depleted blood spurs tumor growth

Living cells are electromagnetic units

The Effects Of Radiation In The Cause Of Cancer

Tumour risk associated with use of cellular telephones or cordless desktop telephones, Hardell et al., 2006

Mobile phones again linked to cancer

Israel reported the Interphone study differently from the Times and the BBC
The full paper ‘Mobile phone use and risk of acoustic neuroma: results of the Interphone case–control study in five North European countries’ is published in the British Journal of Cancer (2005) 1-7

One of a number of press reports on mouth cancers in the young. But binge drinking and smoking does not account for it. Youngsters, with metal fillings and teeth braces, have one thing in common: they regularly clamp mobile phones to their faces. Maybe it is just a modern coincidence. Or maybe proper research should go into this.

Increased incidence of cancer near a cell-phone transmitter station: Netanya, Israel. International Journal of Cancer Prevention, April 2004

Osafia (Usfia), Israel: residents will file a suit against the cellular companies

Usfia, Israel, update

Feelings running high in Usfia and Dalia

The mayor gets rid of all the antennas – First place in the world: No antennas and no phones anymore

Cancer strikes 12 female staffers at Australian TV studios

Electromagnetic Radiation Out Ouruhia Way (New Zealand)

Mobile Phones and Cancer. Review by Dr Mae-Wan Ho

The case of the Adelaide mice GSM signal exposure causes 2.4 times incidence of tumours.

The REFLEX study from the Verum Foundation regarding DNA strand breaks from mobile phones, especially the talk signal, rather than the carrier wave.

60 dead around cell tower in Slupsk, Poland

The mid- to long-term health dangers of pulsed microwave radiation from mobile masts is clear to see

Electromagnetic Fields: Killing Fields (Ecologist article June 2004)

Microwaving our Planet, Arthur Firstenberg

The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution Arthur Firstenberg

Cancer tripled after five years operation of a mobile phone mast (Naila, Germany)

Original German Naila paper

The Naila study in translation

Summary of the Naila report

Following the call by Wolfram König, President of the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Federal Agency for radiation protection), to all doctors of medicine to collaborate actively in the assessment of the risk posed by cellular radiation, the aim of our study was to examine whether people living close to cellular transmitter antennas were exposed to a heightened risk of taking ill with malignant tumors.

The basis of the data used for the survey were PC fi1es of the case histories of patients between the years 1994 and 2004. While adhering to data protection, the personal data of almost 1,000 patients were evaluated for this study, which was completed without any external financial support. It is intended to continue the project in the form of a register.

The result of the study shows that the proportion of newly developing cancer cases was significantly higher among those patients who had lived during the past ten years at a distance of up to 400 metres from the cellular transmitter site, which bas been in operation since 1993, compared to those patients living further away, and that the patients fell ill on average 8 years earlier.

In the years 1999-2004, i.e. after five years’ operation of the transmitting installation, the relative risk of getting cancer had trebled for the residents of the area in the proximity of the installation compared to the inhabitants of Naila outside the area.

School study about cancer and phone masts at Gijon [Spain], 2005; cluster patterns shaped to exposure footprints.

Cancer linked to TV transmitter towers in Australia

Two scientific studies have suggested a field of Vatican Radio broadcasting antennas north of Rome may have caused high rates of cancer in the area.

Radiofrequency sickness in the Lilienfeld study: an effect of modulated microwaves?

Childhood cancer incidence in the vicinity of the Sutro Tower, San Francisco, Neil Cherry

Pancreatic cancer linked to EMF in an occupational study in China

Mobile telephones and cancer—a review of epidemiological evidence, Kundi, Mild, Hardell, Mattsson (Oct. 2004)

Third case control study showing a link between significantly increased risk for acoustic neuroma and cellular telephone use, L Hardell et al., Sweden

Effects of ELF magnetic fields on protein expression profile of human breast cancer cell MCF7. A Chinese study. See next link.

Nitric oxide nitrates tyrosine residues of tumor-suppressor p53 protein in MCF-7 cells. Another enzyme effect.

British Policewomen and Breast Cancer: Is the Mobile Radio Responsible? Note the melatonin link. Is this explained by elevated nitric oxide?

Breast cancer and radio-frequency exposure. Malignant tissue is more absorbant of RF/EMFs.

Cancer-Health.org. Cellular Phones increase the risk of brain cancer.

A 1999 BBC Panorama documentary, ‘The Mobile Mystery’ Features George Carlo, Alan Preece, Ross Adey, Henry Lai, Lennart Hardell. A very interesting read.

Long-term Mobile Phone Use Increases Risk of Acoustic Neuroma, Swedish Study Finds.

Mobile phone use and risk of acoustic neuroma. August 2005, Interphone study interim results part 2.

Electromagnetic Fields, Leukaemia and DNA Damage. (Authors of the Interphone study claim no known mechanism. See also our nitric oxide page.)

Commentary on the August 2005 Interphone results and update comments from Lloyd Morgan, Central Brain Tumor Registry, USA.

Further commentary on the Interphone research.

Industry patents to limit cancer risk from mobiles — whilst claiming they are safe?

The top public health official of Russia claims that mobile phones cause child cancer. Russia speaks more freely: it has no domestic mobile phone manufacturer.

Studies show mobile phones fuel cancer cell growth (Italy), and non-thermal effects (Nottingham)

Use of cellular or cordless telephones and the risk for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hardell et al., 2004

Control of chemical reactions with magnetic fields. Free radicals survive longer, promoting ageing and cancer.

Non-thermal DNA breakage by mobile-phone radiation (1800MHz) in human fibroblasts and in transformed GFSH-R17 rat granulosa cells in vitro. Diem E, Schwarz C, Adlkofer F, Jahn O, Rudiger H (Vienna, 2005)

Exposure details for Diem et al. study above

Intensity-dependent effects of microwave electromagnetic fields on acetylcholinesterase activity and protein conformation in frog skeletal muscles. Effects that ‘were more expressed at low field intensity.’

Structural and kinetic effects of mobile phone microwaves on acetylcholinesterase activity. (Electric eels), Barteri et al.

Computational Modeling Evidence of a Nonthermal Electromagnetic Interaction Mechanism with Living Cells: Microwave Nonlinearity in the Cellular Sodium Ion Channel, Stoykov NS et al., IEEE 2004 (abstract)

Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Fields and Cell Water Mae-Wan Ho

Calcium efflux: what it is and why it matters

More about ion channels: how they work and why intricate body electricity matters

EM fields, via their electrical component, can perturb one of the most fundamental physiological functions of the cells-endocytosis. A mechanism for cell damage. Mahrour N et al., 2005

Genetic effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields, Henry Lai

Electromagnetic Fields, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, and Prostate Cancer Mortality in Electric Utility Workers. Just more evidence that EM fields are indeed associated with cancer.

Elecromagnetic fields and DNA: the largest human biological experiment ever?

Microwaves from GSM mobile phones affect 53BP1 and γ-H2AX foci in human lymphocytes from hypersensitive and healthy persons Markova et al.

Nitric oxide inhibits ornithine decarboxylase via S-nitrosylation of cysteine 360 in the active site of the enzyme (ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), an important marker for cell proliferation and tumor promotion)

Structure-Function Determinants of Rapid Protein Degradation; Arginine/Nitric Oxide/Ornithine Metabolism and Growth Control
If EMR does affect nitric oxide synthase, this does matter

Influence of shf (460 MHz) electromagnetic fields on the level of induced lipid peroxidation in the structures of visual analyzer and hypothalamus in experimental animals. Important: EMR can heal or harm, and it’s probably down to oxidative stress.

See our nitric oxide links

Malignant melanoma of the skin – not a sunshine story

Sunshine ‘might stop skin cancer’. Nothing to do with masts, except for the above!

Yes, that’s right: Ultraviolet – the true story. Maybe we really are missing something here.

Melanoma incidence and FM broadcasting confirmed

Cancer clusters found near TV masts — Grounds for concern

Hallberg and Johansson, Swedish researchers discovering cancer connections with EMR since 1955

Mobile phone links to brain tumours found, Sunday Times report, March 16 2003

DNA Damage and Cell Phone Radiation includes Henry Lai and Narendra Singh on single and double strand DNA breaks

Motorola Funded Counter Research on Microwave DNA Damage, Neil Cherry

Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Acoustic Neuroma, S Lonn, A Ahlbohm, P Hall & M Feychting

Bead ‘slashes mobile radiation’, but Mobile Manufacturers Forum won’t use it!

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