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Neurological effects (including motor neurone disease) links

Neurobehavioral effects among inhabitants around mobile phone base stations (Egypt)

Brain interactions with RF/microwave fields generated by mobile phones W Ross Adey

Mobile phone effects on children’s event-related oscillatory EEG during an auditory memory task, Krause et al., 2006. (Note Schumann frequencies)

Cell phone emissions excite the brain cortex. Yet another study showing significant and health-related biological interactions.

Henry Lai and Narendra Singh (1998): Neurological Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation

Neuropsychological sequelae of digital mobile phone exposure in humans, 2006

Electromagnetic fields, the modulation of brain tissue functions – A possible paradigm shift in biology W Ross Adey

Brain interactions with RF/microwave fields generated by mobile phones W Ross Adey

Cell phone base stations change EEG patterns

Acute mobile phone operation affects neural function in humans, RJ Croft et al., 2002

Is the brain influenced by a phone call? An EEG study of resting wakefulness

Effect of electromagnetic fields emitted by cellular phones on the latency of evoked electrodermal activity. Esen and Esen, 2006; ‘the findings point to the potential risks of mobile phones on the function of CNS and consequently, possible increase in the risk of phone-related driving hazards’

Cellular phone electromagnetic field effects on bioelectric activity of human brain. Moscow, 2000

Washington University: the story around the Lai and Singh research: the industry doesn’t like it. Well worth reading all pages of this article (2005).

A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects, Mae-Wan Ho

EM fields, EHS and epilepsy

GSM radiation triggers seizures and increases cerebral c-Fos positivity in rats pretreated with subconvulsive doses of picrotoxin.

Electromagnetic fields and epilepsy. Gautier, Gougeon, Santini (translation from French wanting, but interesting)

Pineal-hypothalamic tract mediation of picotesla magnetic fields in the treatment of neurological disorders, Jacobson: ‘These studies begin to point to the explanation of the mechanism of interaction between non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and biological systems. Furthermore, the evaluation of the pineal gland as an magneto-sensitive gland may help us understand fundamental conditions in magneto-receptors of biological systems in terms of their piezoelectric nature.’

 Does this help explain Nicola’s story?

Reported Biological Effects From Radiofrequency Non-Ionizing Radiation (Cindy Sage)

Nerve Cell Damage in Mammalian Brain after Exposure to Microwaves from GSM Mobile Phones, Salford et al., 2003

Increase in nitric oxide and cyclic GMP of rat cerebellum by radio frequency burst-type electromagnetic field radiation. ‘This indicates that radiation activates NO synthase and ultimately induces vasodilatation.’ Link to nosebleeds?

See our nitric oxide links

Alzheimer mortality: why does it increase so fast in sparsely populated areas? Hallberg and Johansson, 2005. A striking correlation.

Mobile phones ‘may trigger Alzheimer’s’

TETRA and motor neurone disease. The Drumcarrow case, and why.

The Drumcarrow story and news report

Mobile Phone Turns Enzyme Solution into a Gel. Another clue as to how brain damage is caused by mobile phones.

Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage

Electrical sensitivity: a growing global concern. How wireless technology may impact child development and central nervous system functioning.

Mobile phone use in rural areas carries three times the cancer risk. Lennart Hardell, Sweden in the Journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Mobile and cordless telephones and the association with brain tumours in different age groups, Hardell & Mild (abstract)

Mobile phone use and acoustic neuroma, Karolinska Institute press release of Hardell & Mild

The Swedish Institute report

EM Fields On Brain Tumor Incidence — Chemicals And Cell Phones. ‘This paper is a must read for those interested in non thermal effects EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) particularly the collective cell/neuron response/behavior/properties to stimuli. It is an eye opener and very useful when dealing with vested interests who continually ignore non-thermal effects to promote their wares with self serving rhetoric.’

Cell phones and human health. Lloyd Morgan, Brain Tumour Registry, Berkeley CA

No such thing as a ‘benign’ tumour. Lloyd Morgan, Board of Directors, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States and the North American Brain Tumor Coalition

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Caused by EMF? Kobe, Japan, study shows 30 seconds mobile phone exposure halves blood flow to the optic nerve. See also our nitric oxide links on why blood flow may be affected

Headaches from Cellular Telephones: Are They Real and What Are the Implications?

Responses of neurons to an amplitude modulated microwave stimulus, Beason and Semm, 2002

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