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Leading consultants BWCS discuss TETRA’s performance in a major disaster

Existing Tetra digital radio handsets just not up to the job…
(25 May 2004). Never mind, mmO2 can sell yet more kit at our expense, to fill in the gaps left by TETRA!

The Met future-proofs with Tetra handsets (ie, they buy handsets that the network cannot provide for!)

‘Concerns grow over Airwave emergency services radio’

Expert says TETRA is ‘over-hyped and over-sold’

Police lose track of ‘suicide bomber’ as radios fail on Tube

Police Tetra network under fire again (security issues)

Airwave looks to boost data over Tetra (can it do the job?)

Police shun £2.9bn network for mobile data (can it do the job? No.)

And finally, do you want Europe to have a system with encryption keys that the US National Security Agency can evesdrop on? NSA to intercept TETRA police networks


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Compare success of TETRAPOL in Spain with Airwave. And compare the cost!

A BIG page at Mast Sanity comparing TETRA and TETRAPOL

Powerwatch compares safety of Tetrapol and TETRA

French Tetrapol in action


For some people, TETRA is a hobby! Tetrascanner website


TETRA, Hollingbury, Brighton Bright arms of TETRA at Carden Avenue, Hollingbury, Brighton and Hove, next to Asda.

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