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Things to do

 Join Mast Sanity and register for TETRA news. There is strength in national numbers.

 Action for Change: the TETRA campaign shares much in common with many environmental pollution campaigns. With the Green Network and the Environmental Law Centre, we meet the same roadblocks. Please download and sign this petition.

 Voice of the People: a letter to the UK Government. Use it. Because you’re worth it? Because you matter. Our environment belongs to us, not to ‘people in power’. We inherited it and we must pass it on intact, and power and money is destroying it against our will.

 The Radiation Research Trust has an online petition and tell them your story. They are going to be an influential organisation!

 Mobile phone technology and health, immediate precautionary measures. Read and sign this European petition!

 If you suffer any adverse health effects from living near TETRA, complete the Mast Sanity Health Survey.

 Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas has tabled a written declaration in the European Parliament, calling for a moratorium on new TETRA masts across the whole of Europe until more research is done into health effects. If more than half the MEPs sign it, it becomes the official policy of the Parliament, which places pressure on the Commission and Council to act. Write to your MEP asking them to sign this declaration!

 SNP Member of the European Parliament, Ian Hudghton, is asking the EU to rule that further installation of TETRA masts be halted until a full evaluation of risks to public health is carried out.

 The all-Party Parliamentary Mobile Group (apMobile) is to hold a public enquiry into planning laws and how they are working. See this Press Release (Word doc) and see what you can contribute.

 You can, indeed we urge you to, fax your MP, and impress upon them the importance of the issues. We elected them to do a job for us, and this is a very important matter. A Private Members’ Bill (Richard Sring MP) has been going through Parliament on the siting of masts, so click that link and act now! 21 May 2004 update: MPs present voted 10 to 2 in favour, but 40 MPs needed to be present to pass the bill. MP apathy.

 And write, write, write, to anyone who matters
(see Addresses): Mark Dunn, Chair of Sussex Police Authority, Euro MP Caroline Lucas, Director of Public Health for Arun and Adur (Dr Farhang Tahzib, or the Chief Executive, Steve Phoenix), Worthing councillors. Just keep it going.

 Speak out to those who should be protecting us. See our Letters section.

Our meetings have been well-attended, with experts and representatives on panels, and plenty of participation. You’r all keen, worried, active but frustrated because big money and government seem to rule the roost. The biggest things it seems we can do are:

  • blow holes in the TETRA network so it loses integrity. Every mast has to talk to its neighbours, and the system has to work under test to be implemented.

  • shout. Tell everyone what’s going on; be a nuisance and don’t go away. Those in authority may appear to be deaf, but don’t let them ever forget you.

  • report. Tell your doctor, weekly, about your health symptoms and insist that connections are made and that doctors talk to each other and public health authorities. Report your health symptoms for example to Mast Sanity’s Health Survey.

  • write. Sounds ordinary, but let everyone know you’re not going away, TETRA is. Write to your Director of Public Health, write to your MP, write to your Chief Constable, write to the papers, write comments to us on this site.

  • think. We need thinkers! Got a practical idea about what we can do? Or a legal loophole to exploit? Tell us...

Please don’t hide. If you buy a TV filter you will forget what is going through you and your families all the time from these masts.

If you have pills from you doctor to sleep or creams to stop itching, you may forget for a while, but this is just symptomatic relief; your bodies are still under attack.



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