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The importance of recognising EHS

In September 2005 it was announced in the national press that a forthcoming Health Protection Agency report from its Radiation Protection Division, acknowledges for the first time the reality of electrohypersensitivity (EHS). ‘The acknowledgement may fuel legal action by sufferers who claim mobile phone masts have made them ill.’

Please read this page on what this means.

Make yourself known, build the national picture

 Visit the Mast Victims website and tell your story.

 Something is seriously adrift. In Germany doctors are speaking out against mobile phones and DECT phones, in a growing sequence of appeals to call for a halt because of what they are seeing as the health effects from the mobile phone system. (Note: German for mobile phone is ‘Handy’)

 Visit the ASL (Sauvons Leon) French health questionnaire English and French versions.

 Magda Havas, Trent University, Canada, illustrates why people find this hard to understand until they are affected, in ‘Cell phone headaches, cell tower blues

 Dr George Carlo, ex-mobile phone researcher for Motorola, speaks out in this hard-hitting 2006 radio interview on the dangers of mobile phones.

Public Exposure; and see ‘What scientists say...’ and the state of scientific research today. Money, freedom and the truth.

There have been, and continue to be, many international conferences, such as the one leading to the Salzburg Resolution.

Open letter from concerned German doctors to president of the federal state of Bavaria, Edmund Stoiber, July 2005

Vienna Doctor’s Chamber (Wiener Ärztekammer) warns of excessive mobile phone use by children, August 2005

French doctors are increasingly worried about chronic tiredness among rural populations (French masts are outside towns and bigger.)

Ecolog Institut on mobile phones and health. Note the research study for T-Mobile and Deutsche Telecom (in German).

EM radiation, hypersensitivity and epilepsy. Please take time to read this paper. Tetrawatch will keep you up to date with the emerging importance of researching the influence of EM fields on the production of nitric oxide and why it is so critically important. (Further links on the right.)

Below is another curious sign. Certain tree species have been noted as dying under TETRA. These, below, were fine and healthy until the arrival of TETRA. Is it a coincidence? It you have evidence either way, please contact Tetrawatch.

trees dying around TETRA
photo: Largo Road, St Andrews. Karen Wren, Perthshire

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