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Now you tell us. What do you want to see happen? Tell us your good ideas. What’s missing from this website? Have you spotted inaccuracies? Help us put it right. Can you write a better page? Tell us.

More importantly, have you anything to report, such as TV interference or health problems?

Please note, if we all use the Mast Sanity Health Survey, that will provide better co-ordinated information on symptoms!

Tell us if we can post your comment on this site. We will NOT use your name, just initials and town.

Please: if you want to disagree, let’s communicate! We receive far too many grouses that we cannot respond to because you leave no email address!


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 What was it BT (original owners of TETRA Airwave) used to say to us? It’s good to talk!

 Get talking, to neighbours, family, your colleagues. If you have any health concerns that are unusual, and have started only since a TETRA masts was turned on, report these to your doctor, tell us and see our Health Links.


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