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A significant concern in recent years has been the connection between mobile phone use and reducing sperm counts and motility, or male fertility more generally. Female fertility is also a concern, and the question arises as to what the cause is. There are many cofactors, from coffee to pesticides and other lifestyle factors. But mobile phones are clearly one as well.

For those who understand only that microwaves heat tissue up, the only answer is that reduced fertility is caused by local warming from carrying a mobile in a pocket. But do mobiles get hotter than iPODs or bunches of keys? Do you notice your keys getting warm near a mobile phone? Or do the regular signals from phone to mast to maintain location, interact with metal objects in pockets or zips, and re-radiate other frequencies? Whatever the case, comments that there cannot be a connection between a phone on the ear and radiation damage to the testicles are surely short-sighted. The correlation with phone use (not location) is becoming increasingly obvious.

So what is happening? Young people especially are frequently seen sitting hunched over their phones, texting (which they do three times more than adults) in their laps. And adults who use their phones a lot? The more you use a phone, the more likely you are to wear it, typically in a pocket or on the waist. The more you call, the more you are likely to be called. The period of most intense radiation from a mobile phone is up to and around ten seconds after a mast/phone contact is established, before the adaptive power control (APC) powers the phone down to only what is required, in order to save on battery use. The frequent short locating signals throughout the day are therefore at full power.

That phone, all day in the wrong place, is live and kicking, and the chronic exposure is not just about heat. It may be about where the phone is habitually located, or it may be a systemic effect. Biochemical effects from the head, carried in the bloodstream, is one possibility, or bioelectrical effects carried in aqueous pathways is another. But for sure there is integrity in the energy systems of the whole body [see Quantum Jazz for a recent addition to the concept, and New Age of Water for more about the special properties of water.]

Another intriuguing issue is that nitric oxide is a linking factor in every aspect of electro hypersensitivity, and every immunological and nueurological consequence attriubuted to EMF exposure. Several of our links here make the connection between nitric oxide synthase stimulation and the chronic effects. Ironically, whilst nitric oxide may extend a woman’s fertility, it can inhibit fertilisation.

Effect of cell phone usage on semen analysis in men attending infertility clinic: an observational study

Men who use mobile phones face increased risk of infertility: more research from India shows that increased mobile phone use means decreased fertility.

Effects of 1800 MHz GSM-like exposure on the gonadal function and hematological parameters of male mice (abstract: full paper in Hungarian)

Mobile phones can cut a man’s fertility by a third (Times Online, free registration)

Is there a relationship between cell phone use and semen quality?

Sperm motility enhancement by nitric oxide produced by the oocytes of fathead minnows, Pimephelas promelas

Low levels of nitric oxide promote human sperm capacitation in vitro

Human sperm endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression: correlation with sperm motility.

L-arginine, the substrate of nitric oxide synthase, inhibits fertility of male rats

Oxidative Stress and Role of Antioxidants in Normal and Abnormal Sperm Function

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