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We can give you links! But we want you to make your own minds up so you can make the argument in an informed and authoritative way. So some of these links tell the Government’s story, or that of the industry. Make your mind up. If you have time to spare on such an important matter, try using Google with some key words, such as "beneficial therapeutic effects of pulsed elelctromag" as well as "tetra protest", "tetra action" or "UK mast planning permission". There is an immense amount of stuff out there that can give you a much broader outlook on the issues, and you might be surprised how much there is on low frequency pulsed electromagnetic radiation, from non-lethal weapons, to tests on mice for mending bones! But don’t have nightmares; be aware and insist on action!

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  Here is a good introduction to TETRA Airwave from Environmental Health News, 20th August 2004.

  A Popular Revolt. This excellent article appeared in The Ecologist, 17 September 2004. What it describes is popular uprising, corporate bullying and a political and scientific scandal. Faster web style version.

  A Powerpoint presentation, with full notes with the slides, on ‘Airwave and the ethics of doubt’. Watch the show, then read it all carefully (View, Notes), use it when you understand it; it requires no added rhetoric.

TETRA, Tolmare Farm, Findon TETRA, illegally, at Tolmare Farm, Findon, West Sussex. Following a public enquiry, retrospective planning permission was refused, but the police authority went ahead and accepted the Sussex network as ready for service!

It has now gone. The ancient dewpond, however is not restored. Despite Airwave’s claims throughout the campaign that no action if ordered by the council can be carried out quickly, because of scheduling constraints etc., the contractors on site at Tolmare said they were only given instructions the previous day and such short notice is ‘normal’.


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