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You will probably be told that Airwave is operating within its licence and that the problem is yours, particularly if you’re using a cheap TV and an aerial amplifier!

Here is one filter device to fix the problem. No guarantees from Tetrawatch, since we know of places where similar filters do not completely solve the problem, but it won’t break the bank.

PPG8: Planning Policy Guidance 8: Telecommunications interference

The technical reason for interference from TETRA

This TV engineer says the interference pattern is a result of pulsing!

The sound of a TETRA base station. Some of us can hear it on our TVs.

Confederation of Aerial Industries

Ofcom (or telephone 020 8645 2200)

Ofcom and the problem with devices such as car key fobs

You’re not alone! Llangennith, Dursley, etc.

... and Dumfries. Who should pay?

The Institution of Electrical Engineers

New Scientist article on interference with medical equipment

Admission by phone operators that masts can interfere with cochlear implants

Notice of inquiry under the disability discrimination act 1992: mobile phones and people with hearing impairment (Australia)

Medical Devices Agency on TETRA interference

Your car could be brought to standstill by TETRA? Is that safe?!

Or not start in an emergency: Police radio system disables black taxis in Edinburgh

2002: Medical Devices Agency warns of interference


TETRA, warning sign
The sign reads: ‘Persons fitted with heart pacemakers or similar devices are advised to avoid antenna installation areas’.

These are ‘just’ the base stations with no pulse and such low, low intensity that they are thousands of times inside the safe limits.

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