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The TETRA Association

including this factsheet: TETRA Health & safety information. But beware of what experts say!

and to be fair, O2 Airwave

Corporate Social Responsibility: Business in the Community (mmO2 is a member)

The Times published their second Corporate Social Responsibility Index with Business in the Community, on 14 March 2004. mmO2 came 32 out of 139, on factors including ‘local impact’(!)

mmO2 is a company with high values that you can measure against the TETRA story

O2 Airwave declares its standards to the All Party Parliamentary Mobile Group. Of course they do it all by the book!

EC rules £2.5bn Tetra network 'unlawful'

TETRA, Bow Hill Farm, East Marden
TETRA at Bow Hill Farm. Is it safer because it’s hidden in a barn?

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