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Probably better sites than this, and more able to keep up. They too have links pages.

h.e.s.e.-UK. Scientific investigation with a wide range of key scientific advisers. An excellent source.

EM-Radiation Research Trust. Professional, informative, influential.

Mast Sanity and please join the TETRA network

Campaign for Planning Sanity


Electromagnetic Facts Consultancy

Roy Beavers ‘EMF Guru’ site


Coghill (Bioelecromagnetic) Research Laboratories

Electromagnetic Hazard and Therapy

EMF Pollution and Remediation

EMF Portal, for all the latest scientific abstracts on EMF bio-effects

The EMR Policy Institute

NoEMR: health risk data information and links related to electromagnetic radiation

Microwave News

Elektrosmog News (German, auto-translation. Note: German term for mobile phones is ‘Handys’)

Buergerwelle science page

Microwave News blog

Life Energies

Milieuziektes (Environmental illness), from the Netherlands, with translation to English. Useful reference also to Baubiologie, something we should also have in the UK.

Cell phone Radiation News Bureau

Wave-Guide.org: EMF/RFR Bioeffects and Public Policy

The Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones

Families Against Dangerous Electronic Radiation

Dr Neil Cherry’s website. Someone to take very seriously.

EMR, Electromagnetic Radiation Web site. Full of resources and interesting observations.

Zine: New Zealand on electromagnetic radiation dangers

 ElectroSensitivity-UK: a charity. Site for people who are electro-sensitive. Join the mailing list, don’t be alone.

Mast Victims website

Newsfeed of all the latest mast news from around the UK

Keep a close watch on this news source: put "tetra" into their search and follow the trail, from ‘O2 dirty tricks’ to technical failure of TETRA! VNU News

And just to sober us up, here is an fourteen year old mast site

A collection of mast photos, just in case you want to see how different they can be.

TETRA, Nettlebed Woods, Oxon
Your blue sky dream? This tall mast, so very much taller than Arundel Station and Woodside Road, is the one with the heart pacemaker warning!

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