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General/multiple biological effects links

 The 2000 ECOLOG report, translated from German, as commissioned and rejected by T-Mobil

 The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields, Andrew Goldsworthy, 2007

 Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Humans in the Frequeny Range of 0 to 3 GHz, Hecht and Balzer, 1996

 Non-thermal Biological Effects of Microwaves. Igor Belyaev, Microwave Review 2005

 Exposure to Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) Linked to Neuro-Endocrine Stress Syndrome: Increased Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer, Dr Donald Hillman, 2005, [is there any aspect of these observations that do not implicate nitric oxide levels in the body?]

 Cardiovascular risk in operators under radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, K Vangelova et al., 2006

 Radiation damage in Norwegian children. Naval electromagnetics cause elevated birth deformities.

 Electromagnetism and Life. R Becker and A Marino. 1982?! We know even more now, but still there is denial of possible interactions between electromagnetic creatures (us) and an electromagnetic environment, because we aren’t built like radios!.

 Non-linearity in biological systems: how can physics help? Andrew Marino explains that a cell is not going to respond like a simple physics experiment.

 Non-linearity and bio-response? Read about the Petkau effect.

 The politics of recognition of the problem

 The EU REFLEX project. An important statement on why EMF research must not stop. Need a synopsis? see below:

 Read this synopsis on REFLEX at Powerwatch

 Only the NRPB (now as the Health Protection Agency — HPA) can view REFLEX as saying there is no risk!

 ISIS mini-series ‘Fields of Influence’

 Mobile Phones Pose Health Risks (Korea, 2006)

 How electricity affects biology

 Pulsed Signal Therapy

 Therapy: Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) on Stress. Low strength pulsed EMFs have no biological influence? Then why can they be successfully applied in medicine?

 Metals and microwaves. Dental restorations and fillings don’t mix with phone masts.

Microwave absorption by magnetite: a possible mechanism for coupling nonthermal levels of radiation to biological systems

Stay up to date with Cogress Labs EMF stories

Fibromyalgia, Excessive Nitric Oxide/Peroxynitrite and Excessive NMDA Activity, Martin Pall, 2003, but see also our nitric oxide links

Reported biological effects from radiofrequency non-ionizing radiation (Wave-guide website: a useful resource)

Cell phones and human health. Lloyd Morgan, Brain Tumour Registry, Berkeley CA

Lloyd Morgan: objection to analysis in Lönn study on acoustic neuroma. American Journal of Epidemiology

An update from Lloyd Morgan

Ten year study showing no correlation of phones and acoustic neuroma does not put phones in the clear. No research on under-16s

Effects of intensive and moderate cellular phone use on hearing function. Too loud? or a neurologiocal disorder?

Essential topical reading for you and all your friends and neighbours : ‘Making Waves.’ Rachel Shabi reports in The Guardian Weekend, 10 April 2004

An up to date story gallery from Sun Sentinel on the state of play on mobile phones and health.

Children and mobile phone use: is there a risk?

Comparison of Electromagnetic Absorption Characteristics in the Head of Adult and a Children for 1800 MHz Mobile Phones

Association of mobile phone radiation with fatigue, headache, dizziness, tension and sleep disturbance in Saudi population, Saudi Medical Journal 2004

A useful summary page on cell phone dangers

The cell phone industry: Big Tobacco 2.0?

Material hidden from the original Stewart Committee

Sage Expert Testimony for the UK Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (Stewart Committee), 1999

Parents ‘ignore mobile warnings’ In this BBC report, echoing a similar front-page story in the Daily Mail, note that:
‘Michael Clarke, radiation expert at the Health Protection Agency, said: “We feel we should discourage prolonged use of mobile phones. There isn’t actually a proven health risk. What we are talking about is the possibility of one emerging after prolonged use. ... I cannot predict what I might find out tomorrow.”’ Did anyone tell you your home DECT gossip phone is both a full mobile phone and a base station?

As mobile phone use rises, possibility of unseen biological impact is quietly troubling. Medical Research News, Dec 2004

Mobile phones can cut a man’s fertility by a third (Times Online, free registration)

Is there a relationship between cell phone use and semen quality?

Schwarzenburg: Swiss shortwave transmitter study sounds warning

A US Midwest farm: people and animals seriously affected by a phone mast.

Look up Schwarzenburg in this Hansard page (Ctrl+F to find a word in a web page)

Physics and the biology of mobile telephony. G Hyland, The Lancet, 2000

Thermal and Nonthermal Mechanisms of the Biological Interaction of Microwaves, Williams, 2001. EMR reaction cannot be all heat. ‘If the microwaves are well-ordered at this level, and if the tissue is well-ordered (alive) at this level, then well-ordered interactions must be taking place before the end-result of heat.’

Studies of the Mechanism of EMF Induced Bioeffects (and why it is possible at such low levels of EMF). Role of ornithine decarboxylase. T A Litovitz

An Overview of Radiofrequency / Microwave Radiation Studies Relevant to Wireless Communications and Data. Cindy Sage

Cell phone base stations change brain currents and cause unwellness: Austria

Mobile telephone base-stations: effects on health and wellbeing, Hutter H-P et al., 2002

Subjective symptoms, sleeping problems, and cognitive performance in subjects living near mobile phone base stations, Hutter H-P et al., 2006

Studies of the Mechanism of EMF Induced Bioeffects. Can the body detect radiofrequencies?

The Effects of Microwave Radiation From Telecommunication Base Stations, Douglas J Ford

Correlation found between mobile phone masts and sleep disturbances. Graz, Austria.

Scientific research concerning human well-being and health in the vicinity of phone masts. A summary

Pulsed EMF, electrical brain patterns, and sleep

Brainstem Mechanisms Generating REM Sleep Siegel, J M. Nitric Oxide (affected by EMR) plays a role in REM sleep.

Biological Effects of Microwaves and Mobile Telephony, K. Sri Nageswari (India) for WHO

A bibliography from Olle Johansson. Why are these papers ignored?

Mobile phone over-use leads to premature aging. Cairo

Personal wireless communication radiation and the eye lens, James Lin, 2003. The references for this article are revealing: effects on the eye lens have been noted from microwave sources for a long time.

The end of innocence about electromagnetic radiation: Dr John Goldsmith

2nd International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, 7-11 Oct 2002

Jülich Report: Keep Mobile Phone Calls short 2005

Mobile Phones Trigger Symptoms

Science on mobile phones is deliberately distorted to show no risk, Toronto

A parallel from ionising radiation: reassurances from government/industry scientists who don’t even look at the suspected causes

Radio Wave Packet, Arthur Firstenberg on radio-sickness evidence

About Arthur Firstenberg

The Helsinki Appeal: formal concerns raised by Finland with the EC

The Freiburger Appeal: Doctors declare the serious effects and dangers of exposure to pulsed microwave tranmsmissions. Now signed by 36,990, including 1,000 physicians.

The Catania Resolution: scientists call for an international commission on EMF and health.

Canadian ‘Electromagnetic Solutions’ website concludes EMR health hazard

Firefighters to study health effects of cell towers

US and Canada firefighters oppose cell towers
The industry has arranged (in the US) for it to be ILLEGAL to speak against the technology in any kind of official meeting for any kind of environmental or health reason — (Section 704, Telecommunications Act 1996). Therein lies a single sentence that prohibits anyone from talking about health concerns in ordinances, community planning meetings or anywhere actual votes are taken regarding whether or not to site a cell antenna or tower. That includes all hearings in city hall and county commissions across the USA.

Mobile telephone base-stations: effects on health and wellbeing, Hutter et al., on the Skundra mast, Austria

Effect of 910-MHz electromagnetic field on rat bone marrow

San Francisco Medical Society: A Growing Environmental Health Crisis?

Vladimir Binhi, Report from Russia – Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health

Dutch study links 3G base stations and health
(see also technical details of 3G/UMTS and more technical details)

Swiss ‘replication’ of TNO (Dutch) study is discussed

Powerwatch explains the Dutch 3G paper

Swiss UMTS moratorium rumoured

India: PM to initiate study on cellphone health hazards

Researchers Find Mobile Phones Can ‘Excite’ Antigens January 2005. In what researchers called surprising results, a study indicates radiation emitted by mobile phones may increase allergic reactions.

Enhancement of Allergic Skin Wheal Responses by Microwave Radiation from Mobile Phones in Patients with Atopic Eczema/Dermatitis Syndrome

Olle Johansson has a substantial bibliography of his investigations into EMFs and skin response

... and a new way of measuring EMR skin damage

On the imprecision of measuring intensity and lack of understanding on health effects (Anne Silk)

The latest ‘Hyland Report’ Try to read this vital paper: Dr Gerard Hyland on base station safety (PDF)

ICNIRP Guideline Critique: Biological effects of RF/microwaves. Dr Neil Cherry

An introduction to other of Dr Neil Cherry’s work

Environmental Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). EM Radiation Taskforce Report to the David Suzuki Foundation, October 28, 1999

Cell phone convenience or 21st Century Plague? on RF Safe website

Safe Habitat Inc. Ready for this? Whatever is true about mobile masts, G3 and TETRA is worse. And we are being told that TETRA masts have a ‘clean bill of health’ ...

Health concerns continue to dog TETRA

Green Party calls for a moratorium on TETRA masts

It’s alright: they’re monitoring police health for the next 15 years!

EMF Interface: Bioelectromagnetics, harmful and beneficial health effects. So EMF has no biological effect?

Medical Magnetic Fields. Pulsed EMFs can produce actions in the body even with fields that are much weaker than the earth.

A Possible Association Between Fetal/neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Electromagnetic fields and your immune system: an holistic practitioner’s view

Are Electromagnetic Waves the Culprit? Warning from deformed plants. Japan

400MHz EMR reduces chlorophyll production. (Hungary)

Animal Study — EMF radiation

Birds suffer from biological effects of GSM, 3G (UMTS), DECT, WIFI, TETRA. We have many reports, particularly concerning songbirds, of departures following introduction of TETRA, and returns after its removal.

Pulsed microwave radiation and wildlife. Some discussion.

Volkrodt: Microwave smog and forest damage


Electromagnetic fields and power lines. This is all part of the big picture, and something worth understanding. See also Powerwatch.

An investigation into the vector ellipticity of extremely low frequency magnetic fields from appliances in UK homes. A relevant factor in laboratory provocation studies.

Association between diseases and occupational exposures to EMFs


Mobile (cell) phone addiction. Real, but psychological or physiological? Or psychobiological?

Addicted? Or: can mobile phone users help themselves?

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