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Blood effects links

Case study on home exposure to UMTS and GSM, and measured effects on blood melatonin and reticulocytes (immature red cells)

Mobile phone affects cerebral blood flow in humans. Finland, February 2006

Microwaves from GSM Mobile Telephones Affect 53BP1 and gamma-H2AX Foci in Human Lymphocytes from Hypersensitive and Healthy Persons

Chronic exposure to extremely low frequency EMF affects Thromboxane B2 in the blood (causes red cell clumping), Omura et al., 1991

RF exposure and Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia, a rare condition (perhaps related to Hughes Syndrome?)

Mobile phone radiation and the dielectric properties of blood. Bo Sernelius, Sweden. Theory, but may help explain observed effects.

Pseudo-iron deficiency in a French population living near high-voltage transmission lines: a dilemma for clinicians. Issues of EMF and iron metabolism.

Pseudo-iron deficiency in a French population. The full report

Effects of electromagnetic field on free-radical proceses in steelworkers. Part I: Magnetic field influence on antioxidant activity in red blood cells and plasma.

Graphic images of this effect on blood from Engelhartstetten, Germany. This site has lots more to offer, on trees, bees and white storks (in German).

Ernst Muth, 1927, reported red blood cells forming a ‘string of pearls’ under radio frequency exposure

Erythrocyte rouleau formation under polarized electromagnetic fields. (Erythrocyte rouleau = clumps of red blood cells.) This is significant: mobile phone mast signals are highly polarised.

20 seconds on a mobile phone causes red blood cells to clump together (German high school study, March 2005)

Summary of the German study in English

Kobe, Japan, study shows 30 seconds mobile phone exposure halves blood flow to the optic nerve

 Cardiovascular risk in operators under radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, K Vangelova et al., 2006

Exposure to pulse-modulated radio frequency electromagnetic fields affects regional cerebral blood flow, Huber et al., 2005
(The question in experiments such as this is whether the simulated mast signals have the full frame frequency present.)

 Elevated white blood cell counts have often been associated with people experiencing adverse effects from masts, but doctors are not often willing to test, because they fail to give the association credibility:

Time-dependent hematological changes in workers exposed to electromagnetic fields, Andy Marino, 1995 (Journal of the American Industrial Hygiene Association)

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