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Police radio system led to officer’s fatal cancer, family fears, (Daily Telegraph, 20 July 2004)

Police Magazine March 2001 (original website source withdrawn June 2004)

Police fear cancer risks from Airwave

Police Federation Cancer Research tracking cancer in the police population over five years.

‘Bobbies to be guinea pigs’

The Trower report for the Police Federation of England and Wales

and some notes on the Home Office response to questions raised by the Trower report.

Information about the police authority, including contact details and public meetings to attend:

Sussex Police Authority

TETRA, North Walsham police station. Norfolk
TETRA on North Walsham police station, Norfolk. Skip the planning, skip the objections; just stick it where you like, O2!

This is the police station where officers, including a chief inspector, complained of the ill-effects.

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