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Mast Sanity Health Survey


Mast Sanity are coordinating and supporting a national health survey.

The survey has had advice and input from numerous respected academics and is the first of its kind. It has NO supporting grants to help with this project and so volunteers are required in all areas to coordinate the delivery and collection of surveys. Sponsorships are also welcome from independant organisations or individuals.

Mast Sanity will have access to statistical information from the survey on a regular basis so that we can gain media coverage for the overall results however we will have NO access to personal details unless requested by the participants.

This is the first attempt to produce a survey that will stand up professionally to the mass of opposition attacks. We have knowledge of numerous ill health clusters but we believe that its not even the tip of the iceburg but we all need you to help us to get more information. We have to get publicity for this issue now and the only way to do that is to get the knowledge of the many many many ill health clusters that we have not yet discovered.

If you are suffering or you think people may be suffering around a mast either longstanding or new then please consider joining us in this very important and urgent survey.

We believe a proper health survey is the only way we are going to make the authorities and the general public sit up and take notice. We believe this health survey will show which sites cause more risk but we cannot do that without you.

 Download the survey (PDF, 192kb)

Mast Sanity
There is no official research, past, current or planned, into what is happening to people living with TETRA base stations and experiencing adverse health effects.

If you have anything to report, please complete this survey without delay.

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