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Annex E Standard consultation letter for schools/ colleges

Clearly designed to imply that there can be nor fears over safety, ‘please sign on the dotted line’. This letter should have been sent to any school or college whose buildings or grounds fall in the main beam of any mobile phone mast.

Imagine this comes for TETRA with the comment "police communications, vital for improving community safety’. What would you do, if you did not know about TETRA?

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Chair of School Governors              RECORDED DELIVERY
FE College Board of Governors


Proposed XXX(company name) Telecommunications site at XXX

XXX(company name) is in the process of seeking a suitable site in the XXX area for a new mobile radio base station. The purpose of this letter is to provide you with information as to the proposal and the opportunity for you to seek further detailed information about the site from us should you wish to do so.

Government Guidance (Planning Policy Guidance Note 8 - Telecommunications August 2001 - Para 62) advises that mobile telecommunications operators are to notify you as Chair of Governors (or as appropriate) of our proposal to install a telecommunication site where it is near to a school.

A site has been selected at this location because (Justification as appropriate.) We would value your comments on this proposal, in advance of our formal planning submission to XXX (local authority name). This will help us to address any queries or comments you may have in respect of our proposed development.

The site, as currently proposed, is ... [Provide site details e.g. type of structure, use of existing building, precise location(plan and address), drawings (if available), design initiatives utilised, approx distance to school boundary. Brief description of proposed development.]

In response to the ‘Stewart Report’, the government has stated that emissions from radio base stations should meet the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRP) guidelines for public exposure adopted in the UK. I confirm that the above proposed installation will comply with these guidelines. In fact, because of the very low power utilized by telecommunications sites the emissions will be many times lower than the ICNIRP threshold.

We would be grateful if you could consider this letter and the accompanying information about the proposals and let us know your views no later than 14 days from receipt of this letter. Any comments received from you within this period will be considered by us and will be submitted with our application to the Council.

Should you require any additional information in respect of the above proposals then please do not hesitate to contact XXX (as appropriate – maybe individual or help line no, needs to include name and full telephone number).

Yours sincerely

CC Head Teacher
Principal of College

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planning affects schools
Planning affects schools. They must be consulted.

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