TETRA: Say no to an unsafe technologyfind out more information about TETRA

Information to print and use


 PDF glossary of useful terms

 8 page PDF leaflet: TETRA in depth

 2 page PDF leaflet: What is TETRA/Why is TETRA a Problem? A useful headline introduction

 2 page PDF leaflet: Will TETRA work/What will TETRA cost you? A useful headline introduction

 More information sheets via Mast Sanity

 Informative Word document with hyperlinks on mast evidence to date (Feb 2005), from Eileen O’Connor, EM-Radiation Research Trust.

 An information and warning leaflet for police users

 A striking NO2TETRA! poster to use anywhere!

 Matching car stickers (kindly donated by a TETRAWATCH supporter)

Also useful:

 Some thoughts on the principles of using Airwave TETRA in a position of doubt. A Powerpoint presentation originally given to West Sussex County Council.

 About DECT (cordless) phones

 Article published in the Church of England Newspaper on masts and steeples...

 ‘The Awful Truth’ about the effects of masts on your health, from Goldsworth Residents Against the Masts (GRAM)



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