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Letter to David Varney, Chairman O2


To: David Varney, Chairman, O2
Date: 25 March 2004


Since I have not heard from you, I was wondering how much progress you had made in discovering why so many communities around the UK are in conflict with Airwave.

I am finding that the social attitude displayed by Peter Richardson comes out in other Airwave employees. For those who are suffering:

  • illness;
  • sleep deprivation;
  • TV interference;
  • interference with essential electrical equipment;
  • erection of masts before and without consent;
  • proximity of masts to housing;
  • inability to sell houses;
  • loss of property value etc. etc.;

their arrogant attitude is grossly insulting. They consistently take a presumptive stance, mislead on facts and figures, and carefully avoid informing landlords of the nature of the additional "digital equipment" being added to their property. They stand in front of people suffering ill health from TETRA base stations, and tell them to their faces that what they are experiencing does not count as evidence worthy of a response. All we need do, is to "understand". How patronising. I am afraid that the "isolated pockets" of protest to which Peter Richardson refers will soon unite in sheer desperation across the UK, leaving you with a very much greater problem.

You have a system here that is producing consistent effects on the population of the UK, and you are allowing it to be ignored. I fear that by the time the UK is fully kitted out, and there is nowhere for people to go to recover any more, the chickens will come home to roost and we will have a repeat of BSE (which of course we knew at the time could not happen, because the research said so).

It's such a shame after mmO2 came 32 in the BITC Index, partly under the heading of "local impact".

On behalf of the residents of Worthing, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Sidlesham, Arundel (so far) I do have to pursue you on this matter. It is so contrary to your principles I feel that you too would wish to rectify the situation.

What response can you offer, not to me, but to all the people on whose behalf I write?

yours sincerely

Andy Davidson

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