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O2 Airwave Letters: for the public record


April 2004. It seems that the communications department of O2 Airwave has been asked, or decided, not to communicate any more.

Useful quotations from O2

Masts near schools without consent? Peter Sitch, O2 Airwave: ‘We comply with government regulations. It may turn out that those guidelines are wrong but that’s what we comply with. ... We’re all going to die and environmental factors will have something to do with that, you cannot make anything in life absolutely safe.’

‘We are justified in claiming these powers [to erect masts without permission] in isolated situations where we have exhausted all possible alternatives and the council has said no on spurious planning grounds in defiance of government guidance, particularly on health and safety.’ (O2 Spokesman)

‘The O2 Airwave service is an enabler in making safer communities. Against this we must balance the potential hypothetical risks.’ (Chairman, mmO2)

‘We need to work with them [the protest groups], as do their local communities and their local councils and so on, to help them to understand.’ (Managing Director, O2 Airwave)

‘I am afraid you are rather misinformed.’
(O2 Communications Manager)

‘The safety of what we supply is nothing to do with us.’
(O2 spokesman)

‘On the TV interference issues there is nothing we can do.’ (O2 Communications Manager)

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Woodside Road Mast (among others in Worthing) switched on, 26 February 2004.



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