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What you have said about the siting of masts


The Brighton and Hove High Rise action group brings together tenants and leaseholders in high rise Council property in the city.

The Group has a long-standing precautionary policy on telecommunications masts and base stations and is very concerned about the siting of Tetra masts on or near residential property. People involved in local action about Tetra masts in our area are asked to keep us informed of progress and can rely on support from the Group through our mailings and meetings.

John Bain
Community Participation Officer
01273 292365

I’m based in Tooting, South London.

I went to work as per normal today.

When I got home a 30-40 foot O2 mast had been erected around 20 feet from my front door. We have a seven month old daughter, what will this do to her health?! I’m really concerned. I do have a mobile phone but I only use it for texting as I found that I get headaches using it for voice.

My next door neighbour contacted Wandsworth council who advised him that even if O2 has broken any planning regulations that it will take 6-12 months before anything will be done about the mast i.e. removing the damn thing.

O2 and companies like it are so huge that they can take on and beat the goverment! It’s crazy.

DO, London

I have read with interest the various e-mails regarding hotspots of signal strength in the vicinity of base station transmitters.

This really comes as no surprise because any metal object (conductor) more than a quarter wavelength long can act as a re-radiator or reflector. For Tetra a quarter wave is under 20cms long and for 1.8GHz GSM it's around 4 cms in length. These reflections can add together to produce highs and lows in the field strength depending on whether the signals are in phase or out of phase.

The same effect would be seen out of doors where reflections from buildings metal objects etc. would create the same effect.

My concern is that even with these so called 'hot spots' I doubt whether any would exceed the ridiculously high ICNIRP so called 'safe level' which operators and LPAs hide behind.

As we all know, and my own measurements have shown, people are suffering from a variety of RF induced ailments at field strengths many orders of magnitude lower than the ICNIRP level. No doubt the presence of the hot spots may exacerbate the situation for already sensitive individuals but until we can get this ICNIRP standard thrown into the dustbin, where it rightly deserves to be, people will continue to suffer.

Rod Burman (Isle of Wight)

Help, they have just installed a new tetra mast on Felpham Golf Course, next to my child's school, Downview Felpham, Nr Bognor Regis. I don't wish to do anything illegal but I feel like it. What is the best protest to make and to whom?

L.S., Elmer, West Sussex

On behalf of the Say No To Tetra Committee I wrote (about a week ago) to the Principals of 6 of the local schools that are well within the range of the Woodside Rd mast. I didn't scaremonger - just gave them information that I felt that they would wish to know, plus our campaign contact details etc. I also suggested that, as well as having the well-being of their pupils to consider, they would doubtless wish to keep the parents informed.

Not ONE school has bothered to even respond to the letter. I find that very disturbing. Do the schools not care about the health of the children? (I cannot believe that is true). Have the Principals & teachers been told not to involve themselves in the Tetra issue? Do they not believe that there is, at the very least, a health risk to the children? Have they been told not to believe what they hear about Tetra? Are they just unaware of the magnitude of the Tetra Debate? I truly am not sure which of the above conclusions is closest to the truth - the unpalateable fact is that ANY of these conclusions leaves me worried.

Perhaps parents reading this may feel like speaking themselves to the Principal (and/or the PTA - the Parent Teacher Association) of the school that their child attends to see what the reaction is? If you do, please let us know on this website.

A plea for assistance - I want to obtain contact details of local PTAs - if you know where they may be centrally listed please email me - worthingnotetra@yahoo.co.uk

Tony, Worthing

 Do you need to speak anonymously? That’s fine. We are especially interested to hear from policemen and women who are not allowed to talk publicly about TETRA or their concerns. What do you think? And what about your union?


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