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What you have said about interference from TETRA


Have you received any complaints/comments or have information that relates to what I am certain is a problem connected with Tetra masts, as outlined below?

Wednesday, 9th June 2004. I went to Eastbourne, returning via Beachy Head. I have an N registered Volvo 440 which has been 100% reliable since I had it new. I parked in the public lot, east of the Beachy Head Inn. There is very close by a mast which I am sure is a Tetra mast. My car refused to lock with my transponder immobilising fob. I tried unlocking, locking, everything I could think of, checked the fuses of course. These cars will NOT start unless the fob is used to unlock the system. I eventually had to lock the car with the key and hitch a lift into Eastbourne to get new batteries, thinking it was probably that. New batteries was not the answer. This is now 8 pm, and I had to walk into Eastbourne and stay the night.

Next morning, I speak to Caffyn’s (Volvo dealer there) service manager, explain my predicament, and he remarks "Oh, it could be a problem with the signal up there, I heard of several others the same." He advised me to re-set my fob, explaining how to do it. I was not convinced it would work, so employed a recovery vehicle to return me to car, just in case it would not start. After re-setting the fob, it worked first time. So, after an exhausting Wednesday, not sleeping with worry and over £100 out of pocket, the solution was simple in the end. Was it caused by the Tetra Mast? Personally I have no doubt at all.

Your reply would be much appreciated, especially as to who I should attempt to recover my costs from!

JM, Lancing

See our notes and links on interference.

If you really want to get things moving then I would strongly urge you to please download and distribute Barrie Tower’s TETRA document.

Post a paper copy of this to every school, council office, hospital, fire station and police station in you area. I doubt that most of our dedicated service men and women have any idea of how dangerous TETRA is. Its time they were informed.

Can I also recommend that you examine Roger Coghill’s work. He has repeatedly demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation reduces levels of melatonin in human cells. This in turn limits the effectiveness of the human immune system, and considerably disrupts the body’s natural ryhthms and sleep patterns. This really is just the tip of the iceberg though.

PB, Cardiff

I cannot now receive terrestrial channels without distortion on BBC1, BBC2, no ITV at all and major interference on C5 and likewise on C4.

GM, Worthing

I am totally against tetra masts and I’m even more livid now that the Woodside mast has been switched on.

I recently had a new tv aerial installed which cost me £180.00 then on Wednesday when the tetra mast was switched on it knocked out the signal from my aerial. I have had to pay £65.00 for a tetra diffusor on my tv aerial. This is diabolical that not only do we have to put up with a tetra mast, I have know had to pay for the privilege!

How many others have experienced this problem?

Is there someone we can contact to try and get reimbursed?

I would love to here from anyone else with this problem.

Regards SE (Worthing)

I e-mailed various newspapers & Meridian TV re interference with our baby monitor (my wife & I have a 22 mth-old son), tv interference & recent health problems (headaches, nausea) which have all occurred since the mast was switched on in Woodside Rd. Meridian were the only people to answer, & they are sending a crew down Saturday 6th March 10:30 to film interviews etc.

Anyone who has suffered from problems similar to those we have experienced please contact the Worthing TETRA contact if you wish to be present at the interview.

Nick Malone, Worthing

I came to the meeting last night (4 March), which I found very informative.

I’d also like to congratulate you on the quality of this site, which I accessed for the first time today, find easy to navigate around and very helpful in providing the background information needed to make an informed decision.

Finally, I would like to say that we have also suffered TV interference on ITV from last Thursday when the mast was switched on. Earlier this week we paid £115 for a filter to be fitted to our aerial as we could not tolerate this. We have contacted Ofcom and today have received in the post a form to complete and return to them. Whether we are offered reimbursement remains to be seen, but if everyone who is experiencing this problem completes and returns a form, then maybe the collective voice might get results.

HG, Worthing

 Do you need to speak anonymously? That’s fine. We are especially interested to hear from policemen and women who are not allowed to talk publicly about TETRA or their concerns. What do you think? And what about your union?


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