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Pulsing: Why is this Technicality Important?


Tim Moore reports on one aspect of PEMF. (You can see for yourself how much research there is by searching elf pulsed radio therapy in Google.)

I spent a year specialising in the use and effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) in promoting the healing of non-union fractures in orthopaedic patients, working alongside U.K. orthopaedic consultants.

The patients usually had previously had at least one operation that had failed and often they'd have had two. Most of the non-unions had lasted for eighteen months. Following the use of PEMF, bone structure changes usually started to be seen between 6 and 12 weeks and total healing usually occurred within 18 weeks. It was the orthopaedic consultants who made the clinical decision as to whether healing had been completed.

There is no doubt that PEMF does affect cellular structure within the body, and not just the heat changes that occur as mentioned in the ICNIRP guidelines.

While this technology has been around for about fifty years and there are plenty of small medical studies and a lot of anecdotal evidence, it has not, until recently, been fully taken on board by consultants. The reason is that, ideally, medical personnel like to see ‘Randomised, Controlled, Double-Blind Trials’, a way of ensuring that it is the product, and no other reason, that has caused the medical change in the body.

With orthopaedics the above trials are harder to produce as getting a large number of patients with the same age and type of fracture, and who have had the same type of previous treatment of the fracture, is extremely difficult. If you could find a bunch of volunteers who were willing to have some part of their anatomy fractured then the trial would become possible. For some reason, though, volunteers for the fractures are impossible to find!

So in this case orthopaedics has to rely on what are know as ‘Retrospective Trials’, where the consultant analyses what has happened and surmises as to the most likely cause of something occurring. If the patient has had a non-union for eighteen months, nothing else has worked, and you do not change any other factors, and the fracture, following a course of PEMF, then heals it would be reasonable to state that this was due to PEMF. If you do this on a group of twenty or thirty patients and get similar results then the case for PEMF is then strengthened. You cannot categorically prove it but you can then draw reasonable conclusions, certainly enough to say that PEMF has a biological effect on the body.

The brain, heart and neurological system all work by the use of electrical charges and changes. Disruption of these electrical mechanisms can lead to the body malfunctioning.

And this is one of the reasons the military have an interest in PEMF.

It is also one of the reasons as to why no authority will admit that Tetra pulses. Because it's pulsing rate is too close to the brains own pulsing rate and to admit Tetra pulses would be disastrous for both government and O2. Both have made too much money out of it and the scandal that British people had been used as guinea pigs, as volunteer soldiers have been in years gone by with drugs and nuclear testing, would be enough to bring down any government.

Tim Moore

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