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The strange case of the TETRA lines


Curious, unexplained, but true

The story of TETRA lines emerged in Sussex, but has since turned up all over the country. They are a strange phenomenon about which I have been able to discover nothing in terms of the technology, or of general electrical engineering principles, and certainly they are unresearched.

What are TETRA lines?

These are just the straight lines from one TETRA mast to another.

  • They are not line of sight, since some are over the horizon, and miles from the nearest mast.
  • They are not microwave links lines (ie where some masts have dish antennae to communicate, where land lines are unavailable).
  • They do not represent the routes of underground cables.
  • They appear to be unique to the TETRA network, not to mobile masts in general.

Basically there is nothing there, except these imaginary lines that can be drawn on a map.

However, it was where these lines cross roads that I first realised I was feeling the masts as I drove around Sussex, and later Scotland. I should explain: some of us feel TETRA. Usually as a relatively mild physical sensation. Some feel it in the head or neck, others in their shoulders or the side of the body. But what is particular about this sensitivity is that it is characteristic. We know when there is TETRA about. Many of us feel other masts, or mobile phones, or DECT phones. Each has a trademark sensation. But it was when I first plotted the places where I could feel TETRA, that I realised it was not proximity alone, but these line-crossing points.

As I started to get stories in from people with odd things happening, such as apparent microwave hearing, particularly bad cases of recurrent nosebleeds, nausea in the house, or bad sleep problems, I began to check out where these places were. Laboriously plodding around the Ofcom Sitefinder website with OS maps, time after time the cases were on lines, or even on the crossing point of two or more TETRA lines.

Make no mistake, despite the unusual illustration on the right, the land is not a complete cobweb of TETRA lines. It is much easier to be nowhere near, than to be on a line! However, as masts were being erected in Sussex, and as the police were doing the usual ‘can’t tell you, it’s a matter of national security’ stuff, about where masts were, I was finding them by feeling them, driving by, even from a train! If I knew one mast location, found a place where I felt it, and drew a line on the map joining them, somewhere along that extended line would be another TETRA. (Oh, and as regards national security, since it’s a commercial network, TETRA does have to go through public planning with the local Council, and end up on the public website.)

What is increasingly curious, is that the more cases I get, the more this is confirmed. For over 40 cases of lines experiences, I do not have even five experiences without lines, other than from people living really close by.

So what?

No-one has yet been able to explain why any of us feel these masts at all, whether with a biological mechanism, or with an account of what causes the feeling of pressure, the sharp pain, or the ‘something crawling around under the skin’ feeling. Whether it is doing more harm than discomfort (apart from those who sleep — or rather can’t — on the lines) none of us truly know. But when these experiences are so consistent and well-characterised, clearly something is happening in our bodies that should not.

But listen to this account, relating to that map on the right (you might just detect the pencil circle that was drawn before all those red lines were discovered):

‘I was going South on the A29 and was about 200 yards north of the village sign for Ockley. My brain disconnected and I was not in control for about 5 seconds. I was thinking clearly but the system had been switched off. It was a paralysis with no pain or sensation. I have been used to occasions in my life when the gyros seem to topple and eyes don’t go where you want or slide off what you are looking at, but this was different. If my spinal cord had been severed and the brain was still alert, that is as near as I could get to describing it. There was no connection between what I selfishly call “me” and the rest of my bodily inputs or responses.’

Now that is not just spooky, it is dangerous. Because if this had resulted in an accident, nobody would ever have been the wiser. Certainly no-one would believe anything about ‘TETRA lines’!

TETRA lines are detectable

It was after this particular incident that a colleague suggested the lines may be susceptible to dowsing. Not into dowsing? Maybe you flatly deny people really can do it? I won’t argue here, so you may as well stop reading. But for those of you with an open mind, the curious thing is that these lines can be dowsed. I won’t say more, because if you are a dowser and willing to try, I would like you to get in touch, and we can see if your experience is the same as mine, without me telling you the details.

What are they?

There are several possibilities, it seems:

  1. The microwave radiation is ground-hugging, and is bound to be strongest when caught between two beams, and those sensitive to it will pick it up at extremely low levels.
  2. Strong ground waves emanate from TETRA base station installations (cabinets), at 16.66Hz. Perhaps these create resonant lines. The same effect from European railways operating at 16.66Hz is asociated with leukaemia and cancer among Swiss railway workers.
  3. Some form of standing wave, perhaps, is being created by mast pulse-rhythms being out of phase, and the standing wave is more capable of creating the sensations at a distance.
  4. There is a ground energy being created (like the Earth’s natural electromagnetic grids in the Hartmann lines of the Curry Grid) by the masts, either through the massive earthing straps, or from radiation striking the ground, and/or:
  5. The constant 24/7 rhythm of the masts may become mutually entrained (as with a room full of pendulum clocks that gradually swing in time with each other), creating a single resonant ‘vibration’ in the ground.

For those of you already acquainted with the concept of ground energies, this may come as no surprise. For those of you less inclined to extend beyond strictly classical physics, remember that some scientists believe there is a quantum physics explanation of some of the features known to dowsers for many centuries and more.

And for the dowsers among you, I wonder if you would care to contribute to this investigation and contact me? Maybe we can find out more of what’s happening and solve the riddle, perhaps gaining more understanding as to whether TETRA lines are truly a bad thing.


David Cowan (who has co-authored with Anne Silk on earth energies) writes about TETRA in Scotland in Dowsing Today, March 2005:

‘. . . [the waves] tune into black spirals as they propagate outwards. All of the waves are unhealthy, unilke electricty substations and other transformers, and many hundreds, perhaps thousands of these waves, upon touching a black spiral from an underground stream or fissure, automatically radiate into the centre, giving an extremely powerful focus. [...] What is so very strange about these radiated waves is that even when the masts are not powered the waves can still be found.’

OK, so you’re not into earth energies? There’s still enough about TETRA to concern us on the most mundane level!

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an example of a conjunction of TETRA lines The map shows the A29 in Sussex. The red lines join local TETRA masts. Such a multiple crossing of lines is quite unusual; normally they are well separated. The story of this map is below, on the left.

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