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The big remote control


I don’t believe in conspiracy and we do not live in a police state!

No, really I don’t. Connivance, shared interests, dogmatism, arrogance, bullying, pyschological blackmail, ‘persuasion’ tactics, yes, certainly and unequivocally.

But how do you feel about a system that most certainly makes people ill through (at least) electrical sensitivity? We now know, from actual experience in Sussex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Lancashire, North Yorkshire, Norfolk, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Devon, Cornwall, Fife, Perthshire . . . that when these masts are switched on they take away sleep, bring headaches and nosebleeds, lethargy and indifference, and increased epileptic episodes. We know when they are turned off the process is somewhat reversed. We know when the power is increased the effects are worse, when it is decreased it is less.

Yes, we know; even though no-one in a position of responsibility has yet had the courage to do the epidemiological research we all so desperately need.

See our open challenge to Government.

So what have we got? A microwave radiation system, where someone in remote control can turn our sleep on and off, our headaches up and down, our nosebleeds on and off, and our well-being generally better or worse. Not deliberately of course, because we don’t live in a police state. But whilst we have ‘policing by consent’ this is not the kind of national system that is proper or right for this free country of ours.

 now see the military connection

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