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Arundel Against TETRA


  Local Police Authority consultation meeting
Arundel Town Hall. 6.30pm, Monday 4 October 2004. Has there been enough consultation about Airwave? Have they bought the system or handsets wisely? Has our money been spent on obsolete equipment? What about all the people who are suffering from base station emissions? Maybe it’s time you asked.

After much vigilance, Arundel stood alone in resisting TETRA longer than the rest of us. Then one day in March 2004 it slipped in under the planners’ noses and arrived in Arundel Station car park.

That gave enough reason for an Arundel protest group to start, and there was a packed meeting in Arundel Town Hall on 27 April, Chaired by Mayor Bill Beere.

Speakers and statements were from John O‘Brien (Protect Sussex from TETRA), Howard Flight MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Paul Dendle (Town and District Councillor), Ivan Olney (Chair of Planning and Environment Committee, Arundel Town Council), Andy Davidson (Worthing, this site) and Judith Ballantyne (co-founder of Arundel Against TETRA).

Caroline Lucas our Green Party MEP came for a photocall to the Arundel mast on 5th May.

TETRA, Arundel Station car park TETRA at Arundel Station car park. A very low mast, adjacent to a busy builders’s yard.

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