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 A statement from David Arculus, new Chairman of mmO2 on TETRA:

‘Arculus is already well-briefed on the Tetra controversy, and likens it to unease over Severn Trent’s decision to put fluoride in Birmingham’s drinking water after a request from health authorities. “Now children in Birmingham have the best teeth in Britain but not everyone liked it. Often there is a downside to these things, and you have to mitigate that as much as you can.”

‘He is, however, convinced that the Tetra system is safe, and says that people just have to be “educated” about it. “Most of us want the benefits of the Tetra system, because if you have a heart attack and an ambulance* comes, it might save your life.”’
(Sunday Times 15 August 2004)

So there you are, straight from the new mmO2 chairman. Your headaches, insomnia, nausea etc. are all a figment of your imagination ... a little education and it’ll all go away! David Arculus is in charge of the Government’s Better Regulation Task Force! What are the mobile operators asking for? Less regulation.

* Excuse me? Ambulance called by police TETRA is different from an ambulance called by police VHF? Who briefed him? Peter Richardson (Airwave MD) who has said this education stuff so many times?

What else does mmO2 know better than we do? ‘People, companies and governments need to understand how the mobile has re-shaped society for good.’ (Richard Brown, group public affairs director of O2) That’s right; we all need to be told by O2, because they know better than everyone else.

Ethical or mythical? O2 Airwave in practice around the UK.

Letters exchanged with O2 Airwave and mmO2 in Sussex. (A tiny selection of a huge amount of unvarying correspondence.)

O2 Airwave at large in the UK

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