combined national class action to compensate for the effects on land and property of masts

a UK class action on land affected by telecommunications masts

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Masts and your property: it’s time to be heard

A new initiative to form a statutory claim for compensation for any adverse effect on your property caused by the proximity and operation of telecommunications masts.

This initiative will test legal rights of redress for loss of amenity and value resulting from the construction and operation of mobile phone masts under existing telecommunications legislation.

There is little in the planning guidelines and certainly in law, to protect property owners from the effects of telecoms installations. Whether you don’t like the look of them, or you fear the health risks (real and proven or not), the effects can be substantial.

Increasingly land and property values are being affected. The presence of masts diminishes the desirability of property, reduces its visual amenity, and limits its use.

The ability to watch a video or TV clip in someone else’s residential area, or to send email, or even just to talk, should not be a greater commercial imperative than the value of the other person’s property.

It is simply time that people were heard instead of being ignored as if all that matters is reaching everyone with a mobile phone with market-driven services, wherever they are.