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This is a scaremongering website


Are we really just out to scare you? Are we peddling half-truths and poorly-understood science? Or hiding from the two sides of the argument in order to persuade you to be frightened? What do you make of anecdotal evidence such as this?

Perhaps you think we are well-intentioned but ill-informed?
From day one, this site has invited your informed comment to counter our own concerns about:

  • the cost to us all

  • the extremely poor value for public money

  • the failure to meet the original delivery specification, and above all:

  • the immediate health concerns and those about long-term chronic exposure for both police users and the public.

People do disagree, but:

The contractual and cost issues are real. We are paying for the most expensive emergency services radio system in the world. As yet it will not deliver to original specification. It is not best value for money, and we will be the ones paying for all the add-ons and upgrades to make it do what was originally intended.

The health concern is genuine. We share these concerns with competent scientists, radio engineers, lawyers, members of the UK and European parliaments, and very many people of professional standing. We could all be wrong. Let’s hope so. But if you know better for sure, you are better informed than any researchers from around the world.

When we say TETRA is not proven as safe, we mean to the same degree as food and drugs allowed into the consumer chain. And no-one will tell us that. This is more than ‘proving a negative’ (ie, to prove it does no harm). This is about proving safety ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, with caveats and cautions (like warning about nut traces in food, or adverse drug reactions in leaflets with drugs).

Why is this issue so important?

Whilst we can avoid nut traces, particular pharmaceutical drugs, tobacco (or even the use of mobile phones, if we area uncertain about that), in the case of TETRA we cannot. We have no rights, it seems, not to live (or in the case of police, to work) free from the chronic exposure to TETRA microwave radiation.

This by any judgement has to be wrong. If it does turn out that all the scientists cited here, and all their papers casting doubt on the safety of TETRA, are even partly right to have concerns, the Airwave TETRA system should be turned off, pending proper and full investigation.

So tell us, please: how can we share genuine concerns, explain them in full, offer the papers and background, reports and evidence, without also raising your concerns?

We can’t. So call it scaremongering if you like, but not before you have also evaluated the concerns fully for yourself. And if you can show we really are wrong, tell us. We shall be glad to be put right.

unsightly but harmless? Unsightly but harmless? Is that all there is to be concerned about? 50,000 mobile masts in the UK may be more than we can take. And TETRA has special concerns of its own.

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