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 Yvette Cooper MP, Minister for housing and planning objects to Vodaphone’s interpretation of ‘consulting’ the community. Tetrawatch listened at a Vodaphone ‘drop in’ meeting whilst their spokesperson explained that ‘consultation’ on masts did not mean what the dictionary means; only that they were required to send a letter to some people!

If you get invited to a drop-in, make sure you all drop in at the same time. These matters require public discussion not individual ‘allaying of concerns’.

 Vodaphone + Oxford City Council = Cassiopea. This ludicrous publicity coup by Vodaphone will prove their masts comply with guidelines for protection from acute exposure. People will not get warm from a Vodaphopne mast. Well of course they were never likely to; the issue is low level chronic exposure for which there are NO guidelines. [more]

 Topical notes on how Airwave is performing in crisis.

 Norfolk officials take to Airwave. Council emergency planners are linking in with local police. ‘Norfolk is also having to rethink its requirements following the government’s latest civil contingencies legislation, which could mean a further expansion.’

 The rumour mill: mmO2 up for grabs? (would you want Airwave?) Is this the right basis for the security of UK emergency services? They would prefer we didn’t know where TETRA masts are for reasons of national security, but they could be German owned with encryption keys held in the US!

 What did they say: ‘follow the money’? Is this what makes 3G worthwhile?

 Tracking children with mobiles. Are we all so afraid? Or do we need to be, until we are all tracked and watched and controlled? See also OWL phones hung around kids necks.

 Vienna Doctor’s Chamber (Wiener Ärztekammer) warns of mobile phone use by children.

 TETRA: A Critical Overview into the Death of Officer Neil Dring. Barrie Trower’s update (Aug 04) is as pertinent as ever. And do remember as you read it that there is a common physiological thread running through all of the TETRA symptoms he describes. Explore our health links for more.

 Latest ICNIRP statement: less certain on safety? Read the Environmental Medicine Review article:
‘Despite the ubiquity of new technologies using RFs, little is known about population exposure from RF sources and even less about the relative importance of different sources. Other cautions are that mobile phone studies to date have been able to address only relatively short lag periods, that almost no data are available on the consequences of childhood exposure and that published data largely concentrate on a small number of outcomes, especially brain tumor and leukemia.’

 MP joins fight to stop police masts. ‘Susan Moore, a spokeswoman for O2 Airwave, said: “Health and safety is at the heart of everything that we do because of the nature of the services. There has never been any concrete evidence to suggest there are any health risks related to the masts.”’ This is so patently untrue. Read our health links. It always sounds just too like the accused being led away, shouting ‘you’ll never prove it!’.

 By the by, you should never use mobile phones while driving. Here’s one reason, and here’s another. But do the police use TETRA while driving? The MTHR (DfT) study, somewhat buried (pp.87-99) concludes:
‘Driving performance clearly suffers when the driver is performing a simultaneous task. The results of most driving measures showed similar fall off in performance for each of the three driving conditions. However, there was an interesting and important difference in reaction time results that showed the worst performance scores in the hands-free condition. This result was complemented by the subjective workload scores that showed hands-free conversation rated higher than in-vehicle tasks or talking to a passenger. By looking at the conversation itself, we have shown a distinct difference between talking over the carphone and talking to a passenger. There is an important difference between communicating with a passenger who is directly involved in the concurrent drive, and with one that is remote and uninvolved.’

 Phone headsets in cars not safer, study contends. (The US Institute for Highway Safety had to go to Australia to conduct the survey because US phone companies would not permit a look at phone records to verify a driver’s distraction at the time of a crash and to allow appropriate comparison periods.) This is the original study paper.

 How many more TETRA base stations does O2 Airwave say? Fewer than 10! Charmouth, Somerset is just another anomaly perhaps? Plenty of opposition. But it is interesting to reflect on the opinion of police on the ground in Sussex, that for all the boasting of 100% coverage, there are radio blackspots all over: in fact times when the radios lose contact, only to resume contact in the same spot later. Oh well; teething troubles...?

 Sitefinder is obliged to carry the location of all mobile and TETRA transmitters. So where are they in parts of Suffolk? More data not supplied as required, by O2 Airwave. Some people need to avoid TETRA, so this information is vital to them. There is only one reason for Ofcom not having full information across the country: they are not given it.

 Reported to Tetrawatch: Airwave in Scotland failed totally on the day of the G8 demonstration at Gleneagles. The whole system just went off the air leaving police at the demo with no communications and leading to police pulling out earpieces (presumably to avoid hiss). The outage lasted for nearly six hours. There have been no press reports about this major embarrassment.

 A note on national security: Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans asked O2 Airwave for locations of TETRA masts in Wales because of health concerns by constituents. Airwave refused on grounds of national security. She contacted Ofcom (who run the Sitefinder website, containing publicly-required data about TETRA mast locations), and asked them. They supported O2 Airwave and refused! How to find TETRA masts. Quite obvious really. (And they have all gone through public planning...)

 Read the Naila (Germany) study in English. Conclusion: living 10 years within 400m of a mast can triple your risk of cancer, and of developing it at a younger age. Please note that the 3G networks being installed employ masts with an effective range of between 1 and 5km, much smaller than GSM. With the mast networks all being interspersed, and requiring perhaps an additional 130,000 base stations, it is going to be hard to avoid being within 400m. Now see this next item:

 Norway: Chinese telecoms giant ZTE is installing nationwide CDMA 450, GoTa (Global Open Trunking Architecture) supplying 3G services with a range between 2 and 4 times greater than GSM.

 A small update to bear in mind as we watch Airwave become the sole means of communications between police and police forces (let’s believe that police officers have been told to leave their mobile phones at home.)

 Korean professor warns: ‘Don’t use mobile phones’. His research shows that the radiation of mobile phones damages DNA of mice, now he is researching to see if it is the same for humans.

 TETRA has been noted for inducing rapid symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity (EHS). People know when the signals change, when the police are busy, when masts come online, and metering equipment proves they are right. The Health Protection Agency says the range of symptoms are so wide they cannot possibly be due to masts. Now read this paper, which is the beginning of investigations into why this is so. And the results are quite surprising. Time for fully funded focussed research into EM radiation and nitric oxide.

 Open letter to the World Health Organization: you job is not about ‘assessing science’, but ‘attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health’

 19 July: The Department of Health has signed a contract with the O2 Airwave network to provide radio and communications for NHS ambulance trusts in England. The contract is worth £390m over the next 13 years. Ambulance trusts will start taking delivery of the new radio systems from mid-2006 and full ‘roll-out’ will be completed by the end of 2008.

 Essex Ambulance service to take Airwave TETRA. Read this news article carefully. And note this (joke?): ‘The system is considered so sensitive that Essex Police recently refused a request by the East Anglia Daily Times under the Freedom of Information Act to disclose the locations of Airwave masts. It argued that disclosure would endanger national security and put the health and safety of its officers at risk.’ Seriously?! The location has to be public knowledge, through planning and through Ofcom. And most antennae are distinctive, and every base station is labelled ‘O2 Airwave’!

 This page speaks for itself. You don’t need to read it. China is protesting mobile phone masts as well. June 19, 2005 (Central News Agency) — ‘In Great Yuan in the province Fujian in China more than 100 people protest against masts for mobile telephone communications. They say the electromagnetic radiation is harmful and dangerous for their health.’

 An open letter from concerned German doctors to president of the federal state of Bavaria, Edmund Stoiber. French doctors are increasingly concerned about chronic tiredness among rural patients; French masts are outside towns, and bigger.

 When it comes to selling Airwave to South Africa, any excuse for PR will do. How well would this selling excercise have gone down in our own daily press?

 In a major change of policy, Mike Repacholi (leader of the WHO EMF project), now advises children to reduce their exposure from mobile phones. Or does he? What a confusing person to be in charge of an important research programme that affects us all.

 Does electromagnetic pollution cause illness? An inquiry among Austrian general practitioners.

 Growing resistance to 3G in The Netherlands. Same story as TETRA, same denial.

 Disney among firms pitching mobiles to kids (Washington Post). And again: the Disney mobile phone service.

 Mawnan, Cornwall: ‘This behaviour is impertinent.’ Airwave can’t cope with meeting groups any more, they have to ‘persuade’ people one-to-one that nothing could possibly be wrong. And look who is doing the persuading. Not the best ambassador of corporate social responsibility or community relations.

 O2 AGM, 11.00 am on Wednesday, 27 July 2005 at The Hexagon, Queens Walk, Reading, RG1 7UA. Notice of AGM. For those who wish to remind attendees that corporate social responsibility extends to more than watching out for RSI from texting too much.

 Telecommunications Mast Forum, Tuesday 19 July, Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, 11am to 2pm, co-chaired by Lembit Öpik MP, Dr Ian Gibson MP, Nick Gibb MP and Jill Evans MP. Panel debates to include Tetrawatch, EM-Radiation Research Trust and Mast Sanity representatives, and Gerd Oberfeld (Land Salzburg, govt scientist). Is your MP going to be there?

 What is it different: are German people more susceptible to mast radiation? Are the masts different? Or are German doctors going overboard? Isn’t it interesting that there are now five doctors’ appeals in Europe, four in Germany (Lichtenfelser, Hofer, Bamberger, Helsinki, Freiburger)? Why is it that UK doctors will not listen to what people are telling them? Maybe it is that our health is really looked after by politicians, not medics. And what on earth is the motivation and money behind the WHO EMF project? read Microwave News.

 Prof. Nick Bourne AM: Speech to the National Assembly for Wales: ‘Tetra – the case for control’

 Industries are growing adept at manipulating science to suit their needs. The new product is ‘manufactured doubt’.

 Latest Westminster debate, 28 June 2005. The irony: communications reveals a distant government.

 Dorset: when flagpoles become TETRA masts — who is going to risk raising the flags?

 We all know malignant melonoma is caused by getting sunburnt. Don’t we? Take a look at melanoma in our health links.

 A very big and current question for the UK government. ‘Stand-by Britain’ is wasting enough electricity to power 400,000 homes by leaving appliances like TVs on stand-by rather than switched off. Tell us please how much electricity is consumed by the combined phone mast networks, especially 3G, on standby or working, 24/7. This is a serious, non-trivial and not-frivolous question; the energy requirement of 3G is 2.4 time that of GSM. It must be answered because it makes a nonsense out of energy efficiency and climate change. Talking was never so much hot air.

 Richard Spring failed to get his private member’s bill on mobile mast planning controls through Parliament, but it was revived by Richard Stunnell. The general election ensured that it was stopped, but now it looks like it has lived to see another day.

 Is it just campaign opinion? Ask the police users.

 Into Fair Trade coffee? Like to know where your chocolate comes from? Watching who get’s paid what for making those expensive new trainers? Start asking who suffers what for making the components in your mobile phone. Once again, my commodity is someone else’s conflict, and the industry seems quite unconcerned.

 Our health links pages are starting to look daunting. Unless is is all hopelessly wrong, and assuredly bad science, and the personal accounts pure hysteria from people without the intelligence to know what they are saying about their own lives, then the emerging picture is a very serious one indeed.

 3 June. After three years, the Draper Report on childhood leukaemia and powerlines is released. It says ‘Children who lived within 200 metres from a powerline had a 69% increased risk of contracting leukaemia compared with those who lived further than 600 metres, and those born between 200 and 600 metres had a 23% increased risk of contracting leukaemia.’ It confirms previous studies. The official line? We can’t understand how the electricity or magnetic fields can be doing it, so it must be something else – or chance.’ [More] And this news report. How Australia reported it.

 It might be rare in being so acute, but there is a direct cause here. One lady in Scotland, an ex-radar operator, was visited by a police officer, as the house next door had been kicked in. His TETRA handset made her face burn fiercely red, and he had to switch it off. A nurse who was visiting at the time witnessed this and reported what she had seen. The lady concerned has asked for the police report about this. When she goes near a TETRA mast her blood pressure goes up to over 220 from a normal reading. How many other people are being similarly affected without knowing the cause? Or dismissed by their doctors as ‘hysterical’?

 MP and cancer expert Dr Ian Gibson welcomes the latest study by Dr Gerd Oberfeld, an Austrian environmental medicine expert from Salzburg.

 Campaigning mum calling for answers. What is happening in Scotland is being ignored, and it is serious.

 Leicester Police need another TETRA? What? Is the network not complete or good enough? This is what Jeff Parris, Vice-President of O2 Airwave says:
‘Whereas the normal cellular network provider will typically quote figures of somewhere between 85 and 90 percent of the geography — not the population, but the geography being covered — Airwave covers 99 per cent of the geography.’
Remember that when your planning department is told another TETRA is needed, because the V-P of O2 Airwave does NOT think it’s needed. He says they cover ‘the remote barn in Wales’, and that the current number of masts (he ‘thinks’ they have ‘something like 3370’) is more than enough to cover fire, ambulance, highways, etc.

 Town gets its own Bermuda Triangle, Littlehampton in Sussex is a bad place to take a car. But of course it’s the fault of the cars, not the masts ...

 Scandal in Wimbledon? Four TETRA masts have sprung up around Wimbledon without notification or appearing on the Sitefinder website. The latest, on Council property is, apparently, unknown to the Council planners! The person in charge of communications equipment on the building says ‘what is TETRA?’. Ofcom knows nothing of it, so we are all in the dark.

 DNA breakage caused by mobile-phone radiation is not a thermal effect. Diem E, Schwarz C, Adlkofer F, Jahn O, Rudiger H (Vienna)

 Everyone of us is part of a vast radiation experiment — result unknown.

 Tetrawatch is not a scaremongering website. We all have far better things to get on with in our lives. But we do listen, we do observe and we do insist on action. Why? Because so often we receive pleas like the one at the top of this page.

 Mobile phone use in rural areas carries three times the cancer risk. Lennart Hardell, Sweden in the Journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

 T-Mobile sponsored study: experts ‘... advise to keep mobile calls short and not to use a mobile phone in a moving car without outside antenna nor at a far distance from the antenna tower. [...] There could be an increased risk of cancer in humans in the long term. They advise to be on the safe side and keep mobile phone calls short.’ (How long do you talk on a DECT phone for?) Study by Mensch, Umwelt, Technik

 Lloyd Morgan, Brain Tumour Registry, Berkeley CA: ‘... a short historical synopsis of the cell phone scientific literature that was instrumental in convincing me of the harmful potential of continued cell phone use.’ [Word doc] or [PDF]

 Inquiry into cancer cluster fears at ‘tower of doom’. Seven [update, May 26: Nine] die in a residential block with Orange, Vodafone and TETRA on top.

 Comrie TETRA hits the news: ‘Campaigners’ alarm at health survey results’. O2 Airwave says it’s all made up.

 Citizen group asks US Supreme court to order the FCC to study health effects of cell tower emissions.

 Radiation from cell phones, DECT phones and radar causes mutations in fruitflies. Danna Thomas, a 15 year old student in Annapalos MD, USA, exposed five generations of fruit flies to the radiation and counted changes in the fruit flies’ wings. She also checked the chromosomes of the fifth generation and compared them with an unexposed control group. 5% of the exposed flies showed mutations, against 1.5% of the control group. Moreover, the changes in the exposed flies were hereditary and those in the control group not. The mutations happened at radiation intensities lower than produced by a cell phone or DECT wireless telephone base. (Reported Baltimore Sun: 12 May 2005)

 Vatican Radio officials convicted for electro-pollution causing cancers

 New website for Mast Victims

 Austria: cell phone base stations change brain currents and cause unwellness

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