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TETRA and You: a quick summary of Airwave, the masts and the costs


Does TETRA affect you? There are two reasons you might need to know:

  1. You, or your friends or family may be living near TETRA mast, your children may be in a school with one nearby, or you may work near one, and you want to know more about it

  2. You are paying for the Airwave system through your Council Tax, and it is not only very expensive, but you will continue to pay for it every year. Why?

The Airwave project

We really do want our police and emergency services to be able to communicate securely and efficiently. That is not at issue at all. But what is this Airwave contract, how did it come about, and why is it causing so much trouble?

 The background

 What it feels like for some people

Living with masts

Perhaps it is the unsightlines of masts that you don’t like? Or maybe when you have read our health pages you think they may present sufficient risk that they should not be allowed just anywhere.

So what can you do if a TETRA mast is near where you work, live or go to school?

 Take a look at the planning issues

 Find out where masts are in your area

 Other resources on planning and siting, including for schools

What will it cost?

Perhaps you feel reassured that sites like this are scaremongering, but you object to public money being spent on Government projects that cost too much, or don’t work as they should?

 What will it cost? What are the alternatives?

 Will it work as it should?

TETRA also interferes with other electronic systems, including medical equipment, police equipment, your television, and possibly your car. Fixing the problem is ‘nothing to do with mmO2’, so it is at your own expense to avoid problems caused by TETRA.

 TETRA and your television: the most visible problem

 The problem of interference

Campaigns and objections around the UK

 Local stories and news links

 Other websites like this one

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TETRA and you TETRA and the police TETRA and health Follow our summaries for a quick introduction to TETRA and Airwave

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