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TETRA and the Police: a quick summary of concerns for health and how well it works


Are you a user? Or is a member of your family or a friend a user? There is one main concern: the well-being of the user. TETRA handsets are like mobile phones, in that they are microwave devices, held against the head or worn on the body. The same uncertainty about the health risks of mobile phones therefore apply.

However, TETRA is different, both in terms of the microwave frequency used, and the way that it pulses its radiation. Whereas there has been debate about whether the radiation from masts pulses or not, this has never been an argument about handsets. It is the way they work. And the frequency of the pulse was recommended specifically to be avoided in a report to the Government.

 A brief history of the introduction of Airwave to the UK police

 Read about how risk and safety is being dealt with for police users.

 Find out about TETRA and pulsed microwaves.

Or maybe the health risks don’t concern you: they’re ll psychosomatic and stres-realted aren’t they? But you want to know whether the system will work, and be there for you when you need it most, and not harm anyone else?

 Concerns about the functionality of the Airwave system

 See some of the comments we have received from police

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