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As UK residents and Council Tax payers, we are concerned about the introduction of the new Home Office police TETRA communications system.

TETRAWATCH says NO to TETRA. We are protesting that an untested technology is being planted among us without consent, consultation and in complete disregard for the fears of ordinary people. It is being rolled out across the UK in the face of clear scientific indications that shout out for precaution. TETRA communications antennae have been erected close to schools, on top of hospitals, near nursing homes, and just metres away from housing. Often they are added to existing masts, requiring no planning permission (or with no permission at all).

We are concerned about the health risks, (indeed many involved in TETRAWATCH suffer the described adverse symptoms). But we are also concerned about the costs, and the capacity of TETRA to provide effective police communications in any case. We believe that the system, called Airwave, is extremely poor value for public money and will not, indeed cannot, deliver to specification.

Please read around this site. Our concerns are well-founded. We are neither scaremongers nor eco-warriors, Luddites nor Nimbys. The science, the technical details, the experience and the complete lack of democratic rights are laid out here for you to make your mind up too.

If you find anything on this site that is factually incorrect or simply too tenuous to rely on, please tell us. We are not out to scare but to understand the whole story about TETRA. We may stand corrected on any point if you can demonstrate where and how any of our arguments is wrong. This is a journey of discovery; we are not content to be told this is ‘probably safe’ while the international science indicates otherwise and the UK government refuses full research into the biological effects of TETRA before using it.

Remember: TETRA is not just another mobile phone system, and there is no research, current or planned, into the adverse health reports around base stations.

We really do want our police to have effective modern communications, but it has to work, it has to be value for money, and it has to be safe. And yes, this is an issue of national security. Good communications that is; not TETRA/Airwave. Do you remember the time when that miracle substance asbestos was a legal requirement in buildings?

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