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Ludgershall: F.A.T.A.L. (Fight Against TETRA At Ludgershall)


Many of you are probably in the same boat as us with TETRA. How frustrated are you? At the moment we are having such mixed emotions of fear, anger, frustration, depression and so on.

Recent meeting in Ludgershall, 4 June. MP Michael Ancram and Andy Davidson, TETRAWATCH explained the chief concerns of TETRA and the absence of evidence as to its safety. The meeting heard, quite unequivocally, that TETRA is a national issues that has come to Ludgershall. This community can play a significant role, in adding its voice to raise awareness and call on the government to address the issue properly and urgently.

County says no to police masts (Andover Advertiser, 20 May 2004)

At a meeting with Peter Sitch of O2 Airwave in April, residents were clearly told ‘the mast will not be moved’. What are the mmO2 corporate values? Bold, Clear, Open, Trusted. Well, certainly bold, clear and open in their complete disregard for people’s health and sensitivities! But trusted?

We have an 02 mobile phone mast at the rear of our new houses. TETRA was added to it in January 2004. The workmen putting it up would not answer the question ‘Is this a TETRA?’? They replied ‘We can’t tell you.’ Why, what are they hiding?

We had another TETRA ‘temporary’ mast in the village, which has since been removed, presumably because the main mast is regarded as permanent. Two of the neighbours in our road have recently put their houses on the market and one of them has been told that they will lose money. The other neighbour stays away with her children every other week to protect them. The mast is 49 feet away from our homes.

Like someone else that wrote into this site, we approached three schools. One said we were ‘using’ the children, one didn’t reply and the other was so supportive it was great.

We have to stick together, our campaign is still very young, but if we can help anyone with what we know to date, please feel free to contact us. Also, any tips you may have would be great.

email: F.A.T.A.L.

TETRA, Ludgershall
TETRA in your face, Ludgershall. No-one should have to endure this intrusion.

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