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Have you now read about TETRA? Are you aware of our concerns about health, the cost to all of us through Council Tax, the risk to our police officers and their familes, and the arrogant attitude to planning exhibited by O2 Airwave?

Have you read about how we are suffering ill health from proximity to these masts? Perhaps you got as far as the more detailed scientific papers.

But you think it doesn’t affect you, so you will leave it to those of us who have decided to take a stand and contribute to the growing national protest?

Please think again. We don’t want your sympathy. We need your active support. The TETRA issue is a national scandal, and people will most certainly die as a result. Maybe all you will experience is the Council Tax. But if you care at all about an issue that is bigger than CJD and is coming from a mast near you, act now:

  • on behalf of your family
  • for the sake of your friends
  • to protect your community
  • to help your colleagues
  • to show that humanity is stronger than politics and money.

 See our Action pages and get involved.

 Contact us, tell us what you think and let us keep you in touch.

Thank you.


TETRA, Southwick FC TETRA at Southwick, W Sussex, low tower, surrounded by houses, a football club and leisure centre.

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