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TETRA and Mast Awareness Forum, Gillingham, Dorset

Tuesday, March 15th, arrive 11.30am for 12.00pm

‘The Olive Bowl’
Unit 23 Brickfield Business Park


Gillingham is accessible by rail on the Waterloo to Exeter line and the venue is two minutes from the station by taxi.

Free parking is available


Lunch: £5, approx. 1pm with Bar and refreshments available.

Reserve a place

If you want a place please email: ndorset.greenparty@virgin.net


All members of the public are welcome to attend to have their questions answered and to begin the challenge of helping to change current legislation to favour the publics interests over and above our corporate and governmental sector.

This very informative and contentious event will be covered by members of the press along with local radio stations and media.

The speakers are leading consultants, Barrie Trower, a bio-physicist who wrote the ‘Confidential Report for the Police Federation’ regarding its TETRA sytem, John O’Brien for TETRA and all mast and planning issues, Simon Best, editor of ‘Electromagnetic Hazard’, Dr Mike Clark of the NRPB, Dr Roger Coghill, and if possible Alistair Wallace of ‘Public Law Solicitors’ who appeared on the Trevor Macdonald documentary on February 7th.

A broad spectrum of professions and organisations are expected to attend, including the Fire Brigades Union, the Police Federation, UNISON, NFU, NHS Oncology and Neurology personnel, GPs, Planners, Councillors, Legal officers, MPs, Estate Agents, Farmers, Landowners, the LEA and Childrens Societies, Rethink (Mental Health) and Mast Sanity – so far.

We are also waiting to hear from OFCOM, the Home Office and of course the Operators, but Peter Sitch, Southwest Regional Manager for Airwave, has declined our invitation.

In addition to the speakers, a Barrister and an Environmental and Planning Lawyer will be present and ready to take instructions and to give legal advice to members of the public who attend the Forum.



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